Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Why Pictures of the Past?

one of my lovely readers and dear friends asked me why i was posting pictures of the past and so i thought i would share with you why. the main reason is because i wanted to share the journey, and the journey didn't begin in July of last year, my weight has been with me for over 18 years so i wanted to share with you where my journey of change began and the thought of WLS started in college. so i began with my graduation from TCU and will post up through current pictures when i reach my 6 month post op check up. i'm really excited for you all to be able to see the change in me physically, but able to read about my change mentally and emotionally. it has been a cool experience to look back and see where i've come and recognize the real me under the old body. i hope this helps explain where i am kinda at in the moment of "reflection"

i hope that you enjoy the road down memory lane.

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