Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Life on the Balance Beam and Underwear

The last month had been very stressful, there is still alot of anxiety floating around, but I've chosen to focus on the good, the happy things that are happening, and the blessings that I am being given.

Mini Celebrations this week are:
1. Buying smaller underwear!
2. Riding a bike
3. Seeing my bestest girlfriend
4. Getting new supplements
5. Being able to have a hard conversation

So my mini celebrations lead into the first leg of my blog. Last night I was at Sweet CeCe's getting some no sugar frozen yogurt [ it has become my tuesday night date night with my hubs ] and there as I was standing in line I heard a "...Melissa?..." I turned around and there was Logan one of my old DAs that used to work my desk. He hasn't seen me in over a year and he was shocked. It was my very first "omg! you've lost so much weight...i didn't recognize you!" In all honesty, I think he recognized my husband and not me, but who cares! I felt amazing, looked like a bumb in a huge tshirt and shorts, but regardless he could really tell I've lost weight. Talk about a cool moment. I giggled as we walked around thinking "he didn't recognize me!" It was boost of confidence and it made me feel good.

Last night was alot of firsts in this post WLS body. I went into Lane Bryant and bought new undies. If you haven't gone through WLS or have lost a ton of weight, no one understands the feeling of "losing your drawers" as my mother would say. I had a freak out moment yesterday when I was wearing a sundress and my "drawers" were falling down. Can't have that, so it was finally time to buy new ones. I founds some great ones with spandex in them and they help hold my jiggly changing body in. I feel really good in them and it made my night! It was also the kick start I need to clean out the fat clothes and push them to the donation box. @EggFace- a friend with a blog- told me to keep at least one article of my clothes and I definitely am going to. I was amazed at how much I had shrunk visually from old underewear to new, but it is a drastic difference.

Though that was a shocking moment, seeing one of my best friends this weekend and just feeling normal at a smaller size was so great. I love seeing Jenna and I miss just being around her. There is nothing like being around someone who has seen you grow in so many ways and be in the same place as you in so many points of your life. I just love her and I felt normal with her there...just me just smaller. It was so good to feel normal with someone else besides hubs. She loves me just for me no matter the size. It was truly great!

After walking around Barnes and Noble, we ended up at Walmart for a random few items and we went looking at bikes. I haven't been on a bike since I was 12 maybe 13 and I was at this same weight I am now or heavier. I couldn't ride anymore back then so I stopped, but last night for the first time in 17 years my butt was on a bike and I road it! It didn't collapse or buckle, it held my weight. I test rode a purple cruiser from Walmart and its a beautiful bike. Campus is crazy with construction and its quicker to go from one side of campus to the other on a bike, so I think that will be a purchase this summer. It will not only open another outlet for me, but will up my exercise. I love the crusing bike and once I get a basket, I will be uber happy and feel a little bit of the European love I had for bikes!

Today I went supplement shopping. I had to refill my D3 for the month and found there is a new local vitamin shoppe so I don't have to order online. I picked up my biotin to help with my hair loss and starting out at 2000mcg right now and will work towards 5000mcg daily. I found biotin in a lozenge so I know it will absorb better and though its a lemon flavored, they aren't that bad. Much cheaper in store than on line. Once I work up to 5000 mcg daily I will have to order online. I also picked up some Niacin that was flash free. Finding it in a tablet has been an ordeal. Even the RX my doc wants me to take is a capsule and eating the inside is gross, so finding a tablet I can take made me happy, plus it is flush free. Now what does that mean? For some reason niacin can make you literally flush after taking it. To fight the flush, you take tylenol before (but for me liquid tylenol every day is quite expensive), so researching I found the flush free kind. I'm starting it tonight and we shall see how I do on it. It is from the same company that makes my D3, B12, and my Biotin and I like their vitamins, more importanly their vitamins works with my tummy! So can't buck the system.

I need to refill my fish oil gummies, my calcium citrate petites, and my vitamin gummies as well. Time for a trip to target! Sometimes I wish my supplement were all in the same place, but both hubs and I said it today - we aren't going to buck the system if your tummy likes it! Smiles...this is true. "Fred and Joe" have their own mind and we like to keep them happy and healthy. Supplements and all.

Life on the balance beam is going in for a change this week. I'm taking the next step down in my anxiety medication. I'm really excited and ready for the change. As I make the changes, I'm seeing that I can do more and that my anxiety is less and less. I feel that my WLS life is at a decent point to bump the anxiety medicine down while it is not stressful, so we'll see how I do. It will be a weekend of feeling blah, but I'll handle it over coming off some of those meds.

Back to the gym tonight. Me and the pool have a date!

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  1. Major CONGRATS! !! YOUR DOING GREAT!! look at all of those changes
    Its awesome go read!
    You reminded me I need some new undies and vitamins