Monday, June 20, 2011

Goodbye Fat Clothes

Dear Fat Clothes,

This has been hard for me to get to the point to say goodbye to you. It hasn't been an easy road, but you my clothes were there for me in so many ways. You always tried to make me feel pretty even if I didn't feel it. You were something that I hoarded when I found an item because I didn't know when I would find something else I liked, but in all honesty you dear fat clothes broke the bank! You cost 10 times what regular clothes do, take up more space, and aren't always the cutest or trendiest things. You, fat clothes, kept me from shopping with my friends and my little sister and it was you, clothes, that kept me feeling isolated and "old" when I was growing up and going through middle school before you got hip and came out with things that didn't look like a grandma's carpet or curtain. So even though it has taken me almost six months to say goodbye to you it is now something that I am happy with. I am sending you off to new homes and hopefully you can help someone else feel good about themselves while they are in you. Yes, it may sound silly clothes but you were a part of my life and I've kept you around long enough. You were the crutch, but now you are the reminder and a kick in the butt that I'm not a size 26/28 and I don't need oversized everything to look like I'm thin...because if you haven't noticed I'm shrinking and you just plain don't fit anymore!

Enjoy your new owner, WLS Patient

Ok in all seriousness it was a process to get to this point, but I'm so excited to look at the two large bags in my living room and smile. Though I haven't gotten rid of everything as I'm cleaning out and needing to replace the clothes, I've gotten rid of the biggest, the winter, and the things that I can't believe I wore when I was much heavier. It is a load that is lightened. Now I know that I can wear other things and I'll be buying smart pieces that will work over the next few months. I didn't throw every super fat clothes item away. I did keep a few key pieces that I am going to put into my trunk of items to keep to remind me where I have been and to take some pictures in when I hit my goal weight. Until then they will be under lock and key.

It was fun being able to try clothes on that I had kept in the hopes that one day I can fit in and I can't wait to reveal my new hoodies that have been in my closest waiting....get ready football season I have a brand new TCU hoodie that I can fit in! Regular size off the rack :-) I will also be able to sport some of my cool staff shirts that have been too small as well. This is very exciting to me and it brightens the day and helps the moment of saying goodbye to the dress I graduated college in or the pair of jeans I've had since high school a little easier. It is time for them to part ways and I've only done the major part of the closet. Time to get rid of things that most people wouldn't think of like stretched out socks (from my feet shrinking), underwear (like bras from my rib cage shrinking), winter coats, and pjs. Yes, even my beloved collection of pj pants are going away, but I am even ok with that. I'm ready to have a new wardrobe that fits me. So it may take a few months to replace it all but as I buy new, the old will go and I won't fight it because the fat clothes security blanket has gone...time for the new!

Before I take my clothes to donation I am going to take some fun pictures to show before and after so stay tuned!

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