Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Not Hungry? Yep, that's me

I have this new phenomena this week where I am not hungry at dinner time. When I eat I tend to not be able to take in my normal (small) intake and sometimes I've been getting sick at my stomach. Don't know what this is this week! This happened Sunday night and Monday, and then again last night. It isn't fun because I feel like my schedule of food and protein intake is all jacked up, but alas I plug on yay WLS!

I've been looking at what I'm intaking and really trying to max what I intake. I got a few atkins protein bars in the mail for free yesterday and I tried one for breakfast for something different. 10 g of protein low to no sugar and pretty tasty. The chocolate chip crisp bar was definitely a "i would buy that one again!" on the protein bar survey of me! Giggles who would of ever thought I would be trying protein bars a year ago, not me Lissa says not me. I have two others I got in the mail and I'm going to try them this week and while I'm traveling. They range from ten grams of protein to nineteen. Close to my think thin bars that I love. One thing I don't like about protein bars is that they get hard, so I try to stay with the softer ones. One reason I really like the zone protein bars especially the cookie dough flavor :-) It is the little things that make it worth it.

Last night we went out for a dinner on my coupon stash and had a relatively inexpensive meal. I tried a little piece of toast and within one bite I knew that wasn't going to happen. I can't tell if I just don't like bread and things like that anymore or if my tummy is sending me a signal of "wait you dont' need that" followed by "ewww" once it hits my mouth. Needless to say I had my frisco melt sans bread. I feel better when I'm not eating carbs of that nature so its a ok by me, its just frustrating to special order on special occassions. I realize it is all me and no one else's perception and my husband isn't embarrassed. It is just me I guess....something new to process and think through.

Anyway here is the exciting part about last night besides that date night was fun and Les Mis was AWESOME! I fit in my theater seat. Yep, I fit in the seat. I didn't have to squish down and squeeze in. I wasn't uncomfortable where my big ole belly would push up into my chin, and my hips had room to spare! to spare. I had atleast an inch on each side where I could sit comfortably. My knees didn't hurt, my legs didn't hurt, I was comfortable for a 3 hour show. When I first set down I was estatic because this time last year we saw a show at TPAC in Nashville and I was uncomfy, miserable, and hotter than hades. This year comfy, calm, and was the perfect temperature in a warm building wearing short sleeves (though i had my sweat shirt drapped over my lap just in case). I was blown away that something like this made me feel that good. Another WLS victory! Fitting in seats :-) **Happy Dance**

Update on the basics:
1. staying on diet
2. getting all my supplements
3. took my B12 shot
4. getting more liquid
5. moving and staying mobile just not working out with some recent tummy issues
6. journaling
7. using my support groups!

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  1. Don't feel bad about having to order special! I have done it for almost a year now. I feel bad sometimes still but I'm not going to get sick over something simple as asking questions! (and you shouldn't either!)