Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Holding on to my Basics...losing my hair

Yesterday was a successful day. First, it was one of the more stress FREE days I've had in weeks around work and that made me feel great. Secondly, I got all of my supplements in, ate on my meal plan, and got out and about. I didn't do any hard core exercising but I did get moving. I got into bed at a reasonable hour and slept well. This makes for an easier Tuesday and looking at today doesn't feel so scary.

This week is all about finding my balance again and I'm slowly finding it. Today's meal plan is as follows:

1. Breakfast - think think chunky peanut butter bar = 20 grams
2. Lunch - bbq at work - sticking to protein (hamburger and cheese no break)
3. Dinner - hopefully mexican manacotti minus the pasta!
4. Snack - chai tea with milk or yogurt / pudding

My goal tonight is get to the rec. Since I did get up and moving last night I'm not down on myself, but it is time to kick it into gear getting back to working out. I want to feel good and be good all at the same time.

Something new I have seen over the last few weeks is losing alot of my hair. My hair is falling out all over the place. Now, note I haven't had long hair like I've had in over a decade, but I don't think being able to clean out your brush every day is normal...at least I can't remember to be. I know that WLS patients can lose their hair, so I am going to do some research in that area and call the nurse. Better be safe than sorry.

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  1. I'll be six months out on June 8th and I'm losing hair at an alarming rate.. the research I've done makes this seem normal and should die down in a few months! I sure hope so!