Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day....Focused and Back to the Basics

It is sunday the day of renewal. They day when we get a fresh start on a new week. So today I am getting back to to the basics. First, sleep was taken care of and enough sleep was gotten to make me feel good. Secondly, I got up and cooked a breakfast that was both WLS friendly and yummy. Third, I set out my supplements and medicines, and I've got my schedule for the day. Tonight I will put my WLS friendly food in the crockpot and get my food ready for the week. We will be traveling to Memphis this coming weekend for a conference where I will be presenting, so I have to think ahead and come up with some good food to travel with, but I have some ideas. I am going to post my food menu online tonight to keep me on track. I am also getting to the gym and getting out of the house this week. I mentioned that I missed working out and I do. I want to be at my next goal marker of 225 and sitting on my bum isn't going to get me anywhere, so I'm getting myself back in gear. The heat is coming quickly in Middle TN so outside working out may not be an option, but the gym can be my new friend! So I am going to start walking walking and walking. I want to be able to walk at a decent rate because in June i am going to start training for my 5K in August.

Food Menu for Sunday:
1. Breakfast - Pancake Bites - see the recipe below. I changed the caramel syrup to french vanilla and I used bacon instead of sausage, but over all they were really yummy!!( = Protein around 15 grams
2. Lunch - Green Pepper Casserole = Protein around 15 grams
3. Dinner - Hub's Chicken with veggies = Protein around 20 to 26 grams
4. Snack - 1 cup of chai tea with milk = Protein around 13 grams

Protein is on the menu today and outside of breakfast the rest is low in carbs. I feel good just looking at this!!!!

Ok, I'm off to make the most of the day. Though I'm not a Mom myself, I do get the chance to mother so many students. Today my building is empty and I'm relaxing, but I do miss them. I love my students and my staff and I would not have been able to make it through this past 5 months without their support.

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