Saturday, May 7, 2011

Food Struggles

Even after WLS my life is still dominated by food. I try really hard to manage it and make it not about food, but the last few weeks I've been really struggling with it. I've been tempted by food and I've eaten it and tried it and tasted it. I have not been sticking to my hard core diet and I feel it. I realize now more than ever that my tool is helpful, but my will power needs a boost. I realize that I've not been the best at my food, but in all honesty I realize its ok. I'm not going to blow it out of proportion, but I can tell you I feel bad. I'm not at the point where I feel like I've left anyone down, but my body feels heavy, I feel gross from not staying on my high protein, and I realize that I want to exercise.

There is alot of things that I've done wrong over the last few weeks and since I'm learning how to deal with stress post WLS I've learned that I have to make new plans on how to deal. I have to keep to my schedule and keep my eyes focused on the prize. Right now I let the stress dominate and that is not ok, but I feel good that I can realize what I need to do. I feel good that I know what needs to change. I feel good that I'm sleeping right and keeping up with my supplements and that though I haven't been on the diet as strict as I want to be, I am still making progress. This was a HUGE learning moment for me and I'm glad I can learn and prepare for how to deal with it differently in the future. So fell off the wagon....but learned something on the way down!


  1. It's tough! the last two weeks have been a major struggle for me.. unfortunately I let stress and life get in the way and was eating food I should not be. The good thing is we both realize it. We are going to have hiccups along the way but it's how we manage the will be the true test. good luck!

  2. thanks so much for that post. it made me realize that I am not the only one and that yes, we can do this! stress brings out the old version of i'm trying to get back on track. Good luck to you too!

    by the way i love the idea of a bucket list..i'm totally making one too :-)