Saturday, April 30, 2011

Beating the Anxiety

I have not been sleeping well this week at all and the last 24 hours has not been the best when it comes to sleep. I've been compensating with caffeine and that is not good by any means. Last night I had a few anxiety attacks and took my meds and went to bed. This morning my anxiety flared a little again and I braved the day to go get some meds refilled and to get some groceries to eat well. After my day out I have taken my meds and I'm heading to bed to take care of me. I've cancelled all my fun today and I am putting me first. My meds are not treating my tummy very well so all my supplements will be skipped today, but back on schedule tomorrow. Sunday will be a busy day and will catch me back up to where I need to be and I don't feel bad about that at all for once!

I've realized that there has not been balance in my life the last few weeks. Instead of berating myself, I'm acknowledging it and need to do better. I need to get back to the things that are making it easier to work life balance. Today is a major start of that. Taking care of me and stopping everything else is not something that I do commonly so this is a big step. Over all this week I've done pretty decently. Sleep was not so good, but I did get my protein in this week and I got 75% better on my supplements, and I took all of my meds. These things are good things. I also was able to manage my anxiety throughout the week. Managing it makes me feel good even though I had a flare that I couldn't control. This upcoming week will be a rough one with check out, but there are a few things I know: my husband will be here taking care of me through check out, I am prepared for check out and that makes me feel great, I have a plan and will follow through and that makes my anxiety less, but even better I can do this. I've done check out before and I won't let it get to me.

Things to do this week:
1. make sure my house is in order tomorrow
2. get my paper done for school
3. get laundry done
4. take supplements
5. eat protein
6. get to the Rec at least 3 times this week to swim!

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