Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I'm so proud to be a WLS patient! I'm so proud that I made this decision and I'm so excited about being a WLS patient I love to talk about it and I'm really getting into celebrating my milestones. I've been doing a fair amount of happy dances lately and today was no exception.

Tonight my husband and I are having date night. I bought him Les Miserables tickets for Christmas and we finally get to use them! Tonight is not just a celebration of us, but it is also a celebration of living together for 2 years [yes we lived together before we got engaged and married!] So I thought that since I was getting back to the basics in my WLS journey, that remembering and celebrating the little things would make this date night extra special.

I came home at lunch today and I tried on my favorite dress. It is actually the dress I got married in in June of 2009. I was going to surprise my honey and wear it tonight, but alas it does not fit. I've lost too much weight to fit into it and I would rather not wear a purple sack like object; I'm actually happy and sad about it. First, it was my favorite dress and I have been fitting in and wearing it since 2001 when I got it, but also because it does hold special memories for me. I have not yet bought my wedding dress yet for our formal wedding so this for me is my most special dress to date. I'm a little sad I can't wear it anymore, but over joyed that it doesn't fit at the same time. I came out and showed my hubs and told him that this was special and I wasn't going to through this one away. I think I am either going to have a piece of the dress sewn into the underside of my new dress or have it made into a handkerchief that goes around my bouquet. It was such a special day and I want to have a piece of our love ceremony go with me into our renewal.

Its odd how things hold memories, but for me it is an object that made me feel gorgeous at over 300 lbs and it was the dress I wore to become Mrs. Bettis. There is a time and moment for everything in life and it is time to move on now with clothes and the 3rd year of our marriage approaching, but there will always be memories. This made me think of the little things to celebrate along the way. I've been making bench markers and celebrating things about losing weight, going down sizes, getting into a dress that I really want. Though it isn't about the weight I will weigh, I'm pretty excited to get to 225 shortly and I'll be super excited to hit onderland! How can I take those mini celebrations into other areas?

When we were first married and icky gooey ooey in love, I celebrated each month etc. Yes I was love sick, but I enjoyed it. I've gotten away from it in the second year, but I know that I love that stuff and it is those little moments or days that make some random day extra special. I'm going to get back to the little things outside of my WLS journey and bring back those special days even if it is just a facebook status, a note to the hubs, or a moment to reflect in my personal journal. I have a new life, but I have forgotten about the old one....just recreating the one I have.

Today's lesson: celebrate the small things; remember where you came from; create a new future celebrating the life you have!

Cheers & Happy Tuesday!

Picture Notes: The top picture is my all time favorite photo of my husband and I taken after we were officially man and wife.

The second picture is a picture of me and him prior to the ceremony. You can see my favorite purple dress and how large I used to be!

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