Monday, May 16, 2011

228 lbs @ 12 weeks Out and More

This past week has been a whirlwind. Its had its highs and lows and it has definitely had its stressers. I'm proud to say sitting here typing on a Monday that I've made it through the majority of them with class and confidence. I did not let stress get to me and I did not head off on "unhealthy carb loaded yummy" path of dieting this go around either! As you may have been reading, I'm back to the basics and I'm very proud to report over the last week I've done very well.

Here are a list of my accomplishments:
1. took all of my supplements every day!
2. did not stress eat!!
3. did not weigh obsessively!!!
4. able to recognize my fullness and to stop eating !!!!
5. branched out on some new foods!!!!!

I finally weighed in after a few weeks off and a stressed filled weeks at that. My old "fat" brain was at its work and was convinging me that I would of gained a ton of weight back; there was a a ton ton ton of anxiety. I was at my dad's this weekend and I weighed myself and it turns out 228! I lost weight and did not gain it :-). I was a very happy Lissa to say the least and now I'm staring down at my next goal weight at 225 which will be a total of 69 lbs lost. 70 will be at 224. I can't believe it...i'm still shrinking!

I've gotten back on my lifestyle WLS diet and am feeling much better. Carbs and things weigh me down. Though they tast super yummy, they don't make me feel good, do not provide the energy I need and do not help me reach my protein goal. I'm focused, feeling good, and eating good. I've been able to try some new foods as well. Friday, I ate dinner with my brother and had sushi! It was so yummy and I loved it. Though it isn't something I can eat all the time, it was a nice treat and my tummy loved it. It processed it well and I didn't have any issues with it. I also ate some real pasta this weekend and though my tummy felt swollen, I was able to hold it down. It is easier for me to not eat processed pasta and I'll keep to that, but in a pinch I know I can have a little bit of it.

This week I'm going back to working out. Tonight after work I'm heading to the rec. I've missed it and I want to kick these next 3 lbs off! I would love to be 225 when I get to see my best friend this weekend. I'm very much looking forward to seeing her, but even more excited about sitting and flying. I have not flown at this size and the last time I flew my seatbelt was so tight I had to have an extension. I also had to squeeze myself into the seats. I'm hoping this flight that it is more comfortable and that I don't need an extension for my seatbelt. Though it will be a challenge to eat with a foodie, I'm sure I can always eat something. Too bad I won't get to have an adult beverage like we used bars serve ice tea? The things I get to learn as a WLS patient!!!!

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