Monday, April 25, 2011

"When are you due?"

I don't think I've been truly embarrassed since I got my gastric bypass, but today was the day that I guess individuals wanted to add insult to injury. I was at walmart today picking up items for a program. I had just eaten lunch and my stomach was a tad bit upset. I was standing in line checking out and I guess I had rubbed my stomach. (note I usually do this when my food isn't sitting right or if I can feel the food traveling down....) but here I am at walmart and the cashier asks me "When am I due?" I had to ask what she said and she repeated this and my husband turns away because I don't think he knew what to say, but yes, I was asked if I was PREGNANT!!!!!!! Now, 60 + pounds ago I would of said ok...maybe I looked pregnant at my heaviest, but definitely not now...lets say I am horrified that she thought I was prego!

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