Friday, April 29, 2011

Need to Put In Some Hard Work

The last few weeks have been hard personally and professionally. They have not been the easiest and boy have they stressed me out, but I'm here and I'm looking at 8 days left till transition to summer staff. I weighed in today and I'm down overall 62 lbs. Not bad, but not where I want to be. I took an inventory of my diet and what I've been intaking and I've been slacking in getting as much protein in as I need and I haven't worked out in 2 weeks. Time to get back on track and get back to losing weight and increasing my health. I know that I need to be working out and I'm feeling the difference in me. When I'm not working out I don't have as much energy and I'm not losing as much weight; in addition to not working out as much I'm not getting rid of stress and anxiety in a healthy manner nevertheless helping my heart, my cholesterol, and my blood pressure. I've done well this week with increasing my protein back to better levels and I've been getting closer to reaching 100% back on all my supplements without being sick. I've got the routine down now to get in my extra calcium and managing the balancing act. Its been a hard week around here emotionally and I've ran to my carbohydrates and I need to not do that. I recognize they are comforting and that they are something that isn't the best for me, so I'm going grocery shopping and will be better this month. This is a huge process and at almost 4 months out I'm doing awesome, but I want to keep pushing myself. I'm getting ready to go through and ditch all of my old clothes and move on to new things, my goal is to be a better version of myself and it is time to kick it into high gear! Wish me luck.

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