Monday, April 18, 2011

Manic Monday

Today has been a hectic day. I had a doctor's appointment this morning so my day got switched around with lunch times and my rhythmn is a little off. Today I went to see my doctor to talk about my sugar. Now no surprise here, but my sugar was normal! I went in today armed with my list of fasting blood measurements, my after food measurements and with a lot of knowledge from the American Diabetic Association. I was determined to not come out with medication and I WON! Thank goodness my doctor saw the light. I was so frustrated over the last week with the sugars, but at least I walked away with victory. I still have to watch my sugar which I'm totally ok with because I know that my sugar could spike and that carbohydrates, for many different reasons, are not my friends. Win win for me!

My blood pressure has been high as well. I talked to her about it as it is sitting at 130/80 which is at the top of the "it is still ok but might be high" number. She is willing to watch it and see what happens. Since I am coming off my anxiety meds and my body is in constant transition, we are going to wait and see on that. This made me happy because I think when I kick my exercising up a notch that blood pressure will come down. Fingers crossed. In other good news my liver functions are back to completely normal. I got a high 5 and I don't have to go back to the doctor for 3 months! 3 months!!!!! I don't think I've ever have been allowed to go that long between visits in years... so I am going to enjoy my 3 month hiatus and see how much weight I can loose by July.

Today I started taking my new calcium supplements. All I can say is HELLO = AMAZING! They are the new citrate calcium with vitamin D that are the petites. No chewing...easy to digest and easy to swallow. Calcium I've missed you :-). I successfully completed all my supplements today and I'm rocking out on my goals! Manic Monday....I've got you!

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