Sunday, April 17, 2011

18W and XXL

Yesterday was a very exciting day. The past couple of weeks has been insane and I haven't had much time to do things for me which include start looking for items for the upcoming wedding ceremony. Yesterday I got out of the house for some alone time and found the place the I want to buy a wedding dress. It is a little boutique here in the 'boro that has a gorgeous line of dresses. I tried some on and I got into a 18W. I was blown away. The last time I tried on wedding dresses I was in a 28W+ so this was a huge surprise to me. I found a dress that I liked, but it isn't the one. I did decided and realize after trying some dresses on that I want an A-line, strapless, corset topped dressed. I felt so pretty in those style dresses and it looked the best on me. I definitely enjoyed the feeling of the corseted top because I felt skinny! You read it here first...Lissa felt skinny! I now have a lot of hope in the wedding dress department and the ladies there were so sweet. They have gorgeous gowns in my price range and that are truly boutique gowns. I never thought I could fit in them, but this was such a special day. Justin wants me to wait for a few more months as I lose more weight so that I put a deposit down on the dress and though I want my dress now, I'm ready to wait and know that the dress will be the perfect size and make me feel so gorgeous!

Saturday was a lazy day where I spent the rest of the day with my husband at barnes and noble working on my presentation that is coming up and working on some other business projects that he and I are working on, but I convinced him to go to old navy with me to try on some pants. My capris pants are getting too big and I wanted to find a replacement pair and I did! Yep, I got into XXL pants and a XXL polo that was in the normal clothes and not plus size! I actually tried on some XL yoga pants and they fit my legs great but were too tight in the belly. I was way to conscious about the way they looked. I also got into an XL normal size shirt yet, they didn't have any colors I wanted. Things are really looking up and it pumps me up to know that I'm really shrinking and I see and feel it. Made my day!!!!!

Today is Sunday and I'm cooking for the week. This weeks recipe is stuffed pepper casserole with couscous instead of rice. Its in the crockpot now and it smells wonderful. I think I am going to be able to freeze this as well so I'll eat some and freeze some for another week. The recipe ended up making more than I thought, but that is ok. Stuffed peppers is one of my favorite things and it is full of yummy protein and veggies. I also need to make something sweet. I have a recipe for cinnamon and splenda couscous in warm milk. I had a bite and it was truly yummy. I will also be making sugar free brownies. Hubs and I found sugar free brownie mix and I promised I would make him something sweet for the week.

I'm looking towards a busy week, but things are good and happy and I'm making sure that I take time for myself. Tomorrow I go to see the doc about my sugar. I'm happy to report as of today my sugar ranged from 76 to 107 with one exception when it was 130 (after I ate oatmeal). I'm bound and determined to stay away from diabetic meds and I'm glad to prove that my sugar is more normal than she thinks, though I am very concerned about my blood pressure and want to talk to her about that. Tomorrow I will also figure out when I need to do my next round of blood tests and such. Lots of things going on and need to stay on top of them all.

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