Monday, April 11, 2011

Leveling Results

Well, I got my cholesterol levels back today. Good news is that my total cholesterol, my triglycerides, and my LDL are completely normal!!!! This is the first time this has happened in 3 years. Bad news is is that my HDL my good cholesterol is very low. So I will be staying on my cholesterol medicine and they will adding a medicine for me to take to raise my HDL. I never thought I would be on something to raise my good cholesterol, but here I am raising it the medicine way. Though I am not convinced that just taking meds are the best way to raise it. I'm going to speak with my nutritionist on thursday about what foods can I eat to help make my HDL go up and my Dad is helping me look into supplements if any to help as well. I'm not someone who is all natural all the time, but I realize how vitamins and supplements are helpful and I have seen them work with the arsenal that is my supplements after surgery, so I am not against taking something natural to help me produce more HDL.

In other news according to my doctor my "sugar is high" again as when my blood was taken last week it came in at 152. I am bound and determined to control it with diet. I do not want to be on diabetic medication and I will work my butt off before I go back on it. So I'm going to take my sugar all this week and go see Dr. Hoffman next week and prove to her that my sugar after I eat is good! So for the next week I'll be taking my sugar 2 hours fasting after each meal and logging it. I refuse to go back on diabetic medication because I can control this. I know I can and I hate that my doctor is not listening to me and that my bariatric surgeon has set me up to succeed with watching it and is ok with where I'm sitting. If he wasn't he would adjust things. I realize that I am going to have to go on B12 shots till my levels are where they need to be, and I am ok with that because he is being proactive, but he also listens to me. I'm so frustrated with my makes the good news of the day feel blah.

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