Monday, April 11, 2011

Glucose Fight Reflections

So today's assignment was to start measuring my sugar 2 hours after every meal and to do this for a week to be able to show my doctor where my sugar is sitting. Today I've measured it twice so far and it was 98 after breakfast and 95 after lunch respectively.I have to admit part of me is wishing and hoping that my sugar is normal for the next week and that my eating and such keeps on keeping on because it would make me feel great to walk into my doctors appointment and show her the list. I really don't want to go on any diabetic medicine again and I know I can watch my diet and have been doing everything right. I will succeed. I am not going to go backwards. I want to make this and I'm not failing, i'm just battling something that isn't new but it isn't old. I just know I can do and be healthier and better.

Today was a good day despite the news. We had an interview candidate on campus and I got all dressed up, curled my hair, and put on makeup with my new dress. I felt like a million dollars! It is nice to feel good in my skin, but it was also a nice revelation that my outside is starting to reflect my inside. I feel like the radiating goodness that I'm finding in myself is finally starting to come through and with that I glow despite things not being perfect.

I was reminded today about how much is going on at work and in my life this time of year. I was reminded that this time last year I could barely keep up. I worked all day to just sleep all night and do it over. I was never getting ahead just falling behind, though today wasn't the best example of that as I came home to take a very long nap, but after the weekend on duty I had I needed some sleep, but overall I am able to do more than I ever have and I can keep up with the kids and the work load and all that needs to get done. I'm not as stressed and anxiety ridden, and I am very thankful that though busy and 'tis the season for end of the year things I am doing well and making it through. There is hope now and the hope that is real and its strong and its all around me. I never realized that the journey to be healthy would turn into this road of hope that has helped me grow and be more!

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