Friday, April 22, 2011

GRRRR Fun Frustrations

I thought this was very ironic this morning as I got up and got dressed for my long awaited friday. I got frustrated by my clothes! Now for years and years I've gotten frustrated by my clothes ending up being too tight or shrinking or not fitting because I've gained too much weight, but today I had the opposite frustration. I am frustrated because my clothes are TOO BIG! Yep, you read it they are TOO BIG. Funny huh!

Overall it is really a fun frustration because I'm shrinking, but it is not feasible to buy clothes every two or three weeks and honestly clothes shopping is exhausting and fun right now because I never know what "size" I really am. Yes, I had thought dresses would be great for the summer and they will be, but right now it is not "hot enough" to wear dresses all the time and I am so used to wearing capris, gouchos, or some time of pants. My pants are just getting too big, my shirts are getting to big. I might have a handful of items outside dresses that fit me properly. So what did I learn today? Well I did learn that I need to try some clothes on and not just get dressed and that I desperately and I mean desperately need to part with clothes that are too big. I'm going to have to bite the bullet and get my shop on in the next too weeks. I'm becoming very self concious about wearing clothes that are too big and looking frumpy. So here I go trying to change that!

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  1. Shrinking is fantastic but I so agree about the frustration!! lol