Tuesday, March 22, 2011

long day great night

today i worked it out. i had a horrible day at the office that was really hard but i went off campus after work and worked it out. i worked out the anxiety and the frustration and the other emotions i was feeling. it was a good work out. i walked for 22 min at 3.1 speed and at a incline of 2.5. not too shabby today. i also worked out my arms and legs. i upped my leg weight to 135 lbs and did 4 sets. i didn't work my abs today as i worked them a lot on monday when we swam and also because when i work my abs on the machines i have issues with my tummy post work out. until i can talk to Dustin about it I am avoiding the machine though it felt good to be able to work out and feel the bad emotions just melt.

i took time for me tonight. i went and ate a yummy dinner at Genghis Grill and had some yummy mongolian bbq, i went and wrote my paper at barnes and noble, walked around the open mall here in the boro, and then went to try clothes on at old navy. there is a new shop that opened up there and its called Sweet CeCe's. They have yogurt that is sugar free! Yep, frozen yogurt that I can eat. I was pretty pumped, I've wanted ice cream forever and even though its not ice cream...it hit the spot. Yummy strawberry yogurt with strawberries. I think I found a new favorite spot for a very special treat.

the past few days has been tough with meds and vitamins, but I'm proud of myself for getting my liquids in, but eating has been irregular the last few days. after that incident with throwing up on sunday, i don't want to temp my stomach too much and i'm a little scared to eat, but there is always tomorrow and another day to try better. tomorrow is another day.

on the schedule for tomorrow is swim time!i'm very excited about it :-)

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