Monday, March 21, 2011

The journey to 240 lbs

the last few weeks have had their ups and down with both food and gym, but today was a good day in the way of the workout. it has finally gotten nice in TN so the hubs and i headed to the pool at the rec center. it was nice so we walked over and then did about 40 min of water working out. i love the water and any chance i get to be in it is great! today was nice taking hubs along. since he is having issues with his joints and working out is hard, water is the perfect option, so i had him to accompany me through my water jogging and strength training. we both got our heart rates up and felt good though getting out the water today my limbs were so heavy. i wore my new one piece swimsuit today as well. first time i've worn something that fitted in over 10 years! it felt great. thank you walmart for my 15.00 purchase. (ironically when i bought it 2 weeks ago it was snug and now it fits just right - hopefully it will last through at least till may)

after working out i decided i couldn't wait until tomorrow to weigh in so i jumped on the scale and i hit 245 lbs even! that is a loss of 2.6 lbs in a week and considering i'm adding in carbs now that is really great i think, that doesn't count the inches i've lost because i'm fitting in way smaller clothes. today i work a fitted 18/20 top and 2x bottom comfortably. i pulled out all of my old dresses and i'm going to be getting good wear out of clothes i haven't worn for 8 or so years this spring. i just had the thought of actually getting to go back to school shopping in the fall and that excited me. clothes excite me now and its always fun to figure out what will stay and go. speak of that the next weekend i'm on duty i need to get the next round of clothes to go to the goodwill. its time to say goodbye the rest of the winter wear and put myself into summer clothes.

the journey to loose massive amount of weight is still on. i'm finding a new rhythm between eating, working, gym time, free time, and down time. this is all new to me and i haven't quite hit the sweet spot yet, but i know it will come. in 3 weeks i'll be almost 3 months out from surgery and for me i'm ready to kick it up a notch and be under 240 when i go back to see the doc. i know working out is helping and yet strength training is still very hard for me. i have a lot of issues with my tummy when i do any ab work out so i need to inquire about that and see where it goes at least on what the personal trainer thinks. tomorrows agenda is the gym and i start increasing my time on the treadmill. my goal is to do 30 min in my target zone by the end of the month and i'm close. a little pushing on my part but i will feel good when i reach it.

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