Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I might hurt tomorrow morning

I hit the gym today. Got out of work a little bit late, but I am determined to hit the gym 4 times this week and I need to make the gym work to keep on the losing end of the weight loss. Today I did the treadmill and I amped up my speed and kept my heart rate around 130; I also did my strength training. I kicked butt on the leg press at 120 lbs today, but man did my arms kill. I thought I was going to cry during chest presses. Not excited about knowing that I'm going to hurt in the morning, but I am glad that I am only do aerobic activity tomorrow.

Today was good on the food front as well. Started the day off with some yummy blueberry oatmeal, had shrimp soft tacos for lunch (tried a tortilla, but the tummy only had one small one), and had some pizza for dinner. I got in 7 glasses of liquid so far and hit all but one of my vitamins. Overall a very good day for me.

Today I was extremely tired. I don't know why, but I think I need to not be staying up so late and getting my butt to bed early until my body gets back on the work out routine. This morning I was so tired I hit up starbucks for lunch and had a chai latte with soy. Needed something to get me through the day. Tonight my butt is in bed right after criminal minds.


  1. Great job girl!!! Sounds like your doing everything right! I want to go to the gym 4x a week also!!

  2. Good job with getting to the gym! How was the oatmeal? I loved oatmeal pre-op but now post-op I'm hesitant to try it b/c it doesn't have much protein in it.

  3. oatmeal might not have a ton of protein but i can eat it for breakfast and not get hungry all morning, plus i add some protein in with milk to up it to around 7 grams of protein for a breakfast as well. i've been hitting my protein mark for so long even being only almost 3 months out so for me its just the combo for me and fitting my lifestyle as my nutritionist puts it. this past week i've been adding in carbs and the protein has gotten harder...i would rather live carb free but if i don't have a little we are finding out i'm nauseous.