Saturday, March 12, 2011

hello beautiful day

Well it is a gorgeous spring day in TN and its brisk. the sun is out and laundry is all done minus that one misc load that always seems to pop up and i'm ready to get out of the apartment, but alas hubs is still asleep. i'm going to wake him in a bit because i don't want to loose the day light and i want to not be in the house watching tv...lets get back to being active. MTSU is a pretty gorgeous place minus the construction and I want to take advantage of it for a bit why not! when i'm duty i'm usually a hermit and clean clean clean which i've been doing, but i have a whole other day tomorrow to finish that and get organized for my students to return. tonight i'm going to get my discussion question for my class out of the way and staying on top of homework is feeling great. i love the pace of this class.

tonight for dinner i'll be making chicken pot pie. i'm really excited about it. i'm ready for some new tastes. i also convinced the hubby to have italian tonight so i'm making some meatballs and some brushetta like sauce. time to get back on the bandwagon of yummy food...its the little things that is going to make each day. i feel it.

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