Saturday, March 12, 2011

Quinoa Review

if you haven't tried quinoa you should. i was a little hesitant to like it even after i tried it...i really don't know why, but quinoa is saving my dietary life. now don't go run and out and get some because its making my taste buds water, run out and get some because one it is totally healthy for you and two a little goes a long way, its high in protein, and its a whole grain which we all need more of in our diet. its not bleached so its much better for you than bleached rice, bleached pasta etc. if you aren't a big fan of the whole grain taste or as my husband pointed out tonight - the smell - here is something that will enhance the want to get quinoa. it is very versatile, it combines well with flavors kind of like tofu, and its a great replacement for rice. ok ok...i'm going to step off my quinoa soap box right now, but it just happens that it made my night because i can eat somewhat italian again by putting it in the place of pasta! voila!!!!!!

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  1. I had no clue quinoa was high in protein, that is good to know!