Friday, March 11, 2011

back to the routine with a new twist

i had a meeting with my anxiety meds doc today. we have lowered my meds in half again. this should help with the increased nausea and will hopefully help with me getting back to normal and eating, exercising, and not feeling nauseous all the time. i also got my blood test results which i thought were to check for my cholesterol, but alas no...i got my liver levels checked. Good news regardless because my liver functions are a good way lower than last month and i'll have them checked again in 3 months. i'm so glad they went down (and that dr. clements was right)!!!! though i will put researching fatty liver disease and non medicinal ways outside of weight loss to help make those liver functions come back in line quicker. here is to one more month of waiting for a cholesterol check, but i'm feeling good about that as i'm doing the work and i'm eating a ton of oatmeal!

i've been reading some books on the gastric bypass process and i realize that my frustration is normal. i'm at the 2 month mark post surgery and i forgot that i'm still learning to live my new life and adjust. eating adjustment is not easy and i have to keep in mind this is all a process. its a process of new, its a process of the mind winning over the stomach, its a process of fighting old behavior, and its a process of making new behavior all the while living life. so i'm normal. i've hit the point where i need to make some more changes and add more flavor to my life. so first part of the flavor - finding new recipes to make my taste buds happy. i can eat a number of things, i just have to find the recipes and its back to cooking more or learning to freeze things i cook!

secondly i need to get back to my routine of exercising. i missed it this week and i don't feel as good as i usually do when i'm walking and swimming. so here i go back to my routine. tomorrow its supposed to be a pretty day outside so i'm going to head out and walk around campus with the hubs and work on his photography homework assignment, do some walking, and be active. in combination with working out again this week, i'm hoping that the nausea stays away long enough or is more consistently less so i can get back on track taking all my supplements. some days i'm so sick taking chalky things doesn't do well with the tummy and throwing up avoidance has been vigilance lately.

here are some recipes that i am going to try:
chicken pot pie
stuffed peppers with quinoa (instead of rice)
brown sugar meatloaf with splenda brown sugar
broccoli cheese casserole with chicken
stuffed pepper soup
hamburger soup
oatmeal "cookies" that are a replacement for hot oatmeal in the morning

here is to some new foods coming my way! organized, planned, cooked ahead, and ready to get back on track.

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