Friday, March 11, 2011

Tired....of meat

i think i've hit my brick wall on eating meat. yep, i realize that my life and my food life is going to center around protein, but sometimes i just get sick of eating and focusing on meat especially when i'm out and about. it is really hard sometimes to find things that are on my diet and not just settle for a burger with no bun or end up eating just lunch meat etc. adding new foods as also been difficult for the last week or so and i'm not complaining, just frustrated with choices right now plus i'm dying for some carbohydrates and broke down and had a small fry today. i feel much better even after the nausea went away. tonight i'm on duty at work so i'm going to take some recipe time and pick up some new things i can make at home and make meat more interesting! after my success with chicken and dumplings I know I can do it. i think later tonight i'm going to play with my quinoa and make it into stir fry (i've been craving chinese).

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