Monday, February 28, 2011

Stress and Gastric Bypass

Overall my anxiety has lowered considerably since my surgery. I've also made many changes to ensure that my anxiety is lowered overall. I make sure that the house is clean and ready to go on the weekends, I plan ahead and cook ahead when I can to make eating easier throughout the week. I also make sure that the laundry is done on Sunday and Mondays. With these things and a lot of planning and organization since my surgery I am less stressed about the house and bills.

At work I have gotten rid of a lot of the bad anxiety. I try not to harp on things that go wrong. I can admit when I'm not perfect and I'm learning to hold others accountable because I am not an island. It takes a lot of people to make a university run and in my mini-department I can't run a building on my own. I have gotten rid of a lot of the bad anxiety, but stress is natural. Right now it is a crazy time for housing as it is recruitment season. It means long hours, lots of paperwork, and weekends working and those aren't fun, but they are manageable they just can be tiring. Lately there has just been a lot of stress with students and the students are acting out and it isn't as much fun as it usually is around here. This has put additional meetings on my calendar, keeping me from my students in a good way, and it causes stress for me in managing time when students aren't on time etc. All that said I am stressed.

When I am stressed I wanted to eat, but not anymore. Now that I am stressed I find that instead of eating junk food I am just eating too fast. It hurts. It feels bad. It makes me very uncomfortable. Hence today where I came home and gulped down a few bites and ouchie! Yep I was uncomfortable for the afternoon. I have to learn to de-stress when I am out of the office on lunch break. I need to make a conscious effort to breathe and to enjoy my lunch hour. I can't rush me eating and the last week I have been neglecting myself and eating through my lunch or taking shorter breaks. I need to take time to eat and it needs to be a priority so tomorrow I'm taking my lunch and I'm going to embrace eating time again.


  1. Good job on not stress eating! I feel like that too sometimes!!!
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  2. Sorry the stress level is high right now, but this too shall pass. It's good to hear that you are listening to your body more, it's a learning process I'm sure. Take the time and enjoy food, most of us can't say we do that.