Saturday, March 5, 2011

adventures in eating

this week has been adventures in eating for me. i've started adding in new food and experimenting with recipes. needless to say sometimes that makes it a rough week on the tummy. i have found that i've been able to eat some things and really stay away from others, but something that i've really enjoyed has been eating at ghengis grill. i totally get a lot of protein that is very flavorful and i get to have udon noodles because they are wheat based! today i made what i called a scrambled omelet. i can't make an omelet to save my life, so i cooked onions and green peppers together with spices, added some bacon bits, eggs and cheese and scrambled it all up. it was very yummy and high in protein all over. it was a nice change to eating some eggs in the morning. today i experimented making chicken and dumplings in the crock pot. it came out really well and i used some wheat biscuits for the dumplings. it turned out really well. it is a little bland with chicken, broth, biscuits, but i'm not ready to be eating a ton of veggies yet. now that i know i have a new recipe to eat next time i'll be adding carrots and celery etc to my meal. sounds like another bypass friendly meal!

one thing i did realize when i was out last night is why doctor clement doesn't want us drinking our calories and eating protein shakes. i was terribly hungry when i was out and what i had ordered to eat didn't work. so i got a protein shake from smoothie king and it literally was water, muscle milk protein powder, and ice. first = ewwww yucky second = thank goodness i make my smoothies with real milk, real fruit and eat real protein. i'm so glad that dr. clement has me on real food from the get go. it has gotten me to 249 lbs and losing so i'm keeping trucking.

with adding new foods my tummy may or may not like them. my stomach has been swollen for the week on and off, but i'm happy to report that i'm in a solid 2x and headed toward a size 20. i'm fitting comfortably from head to toe in XXL from old navy minus the pants (due to my tummy the way its shaped and how i'm losing but that is ok). it is a fun feeling to be able to fit in my husbands old tshirts and knowing that my sweat shirts are totally big and getting bigger. today i put on a tshirt from last summer that i couldn't get over my chest, and comfortably put it on today and walked proudly around the house. it was a sweet moment.

my biggest achievement for the week besides hitting 249 was making yummy sugar free cupcakes. it was such a nice treat to have a little piece of cake and hubs liked it too. though the stress has been here throughout the week i am glad that today was a day that gloomy with rain was relaxing and nice to be away from work, have food go down right, not be too sluggish, and feeling great in my clothes. its the little things!

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