Friday, February 25, 2011

personal training 101

today i went to meet with Dustin my personal trainer. i was really excited because this is a start to my new work out lifestyle in hyper mode. Dustin is so sweet. He explained everything and really broke a lot of things down to where I am actually learning what I need to do and the why I need to do it.

he went through and took measurements, weight, and we did a strength test as well. he gave me my new target heart rate which is 117 to 148 for my condition and health status. he told me that i don't need to be doing 800 hours of working out, but my new plan is to do 150 minutes a week of aerobic exercise. that is 30 min 5 times a week where my heart rate is between 117 and 148 for the next while. we will be doing resistance and strength training 2 to 3 times a week to begin because my body is extremely out of shape and we need to work up to that point where i can do more training. he was really excited that i'm starting out so early and he told me that with that fact alone will help me succeed in building lean muscle and increasing my heart health.

on tuesday when i head to my appointment i will have a personalized strength training system and he will be walking me through it and showing me how to do it. i'm so glad that i'm not only learning exercises but that i am also learning the proper way to do them so eventually i could work out at any gym. he is also going to be able to gage my strength as i build over time.

dustin had me do a heart rate test on the treadmill and taught me where my intensity needs to be. tonight i walked a comfortable stride at 2.3 miles per hour at a 2.0 incline. he wants me to walk that for 30 min with my heart rate up (today mine was 124) and do that 5 times a week. walking or swimming and or water aerobics is exactly what i should be doing but i need to be aware of my heart rate so that i'm not over working out right now.

overall today went really well. i now have some gages to work from and i'm learning new things at the same time. i feel like in the next 12 weeks that i'm going to really become healthy and be able to work out more. my next big assessment will be in 12 weeks. here we turning back now. i'm on the mission of buy that wedding dress!

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  1. It was really hard for me when I started working out too. Trying to keep my heart heart in my target zone was difficult, because you just want to push yourself thinking it'll be better for you. However, remember it's not about intensity it's about consistency. I know you can do it =D