Friday, February 25, 2011

Hunger....Grrr...Hungry for Life

It is a happy growl because I was not ravishly hungry last night! I added my fruit, upped my veggies, and upped my liquid and I made it through the night. I felt much better about it mentally, but also feel good physically. The right food combos make my body feel so clean and make it feel like it is actually working to its potential. I am making a pledge today to not let food control me but for me to control the food. I can do this!

Today it is about healthy choices to fill me up and that give me energy to make it through the day. This afternoon I meet with Dustin and I'm getting my fitness assessment and strength tests, having my health history done, and getting ready for personal training. I'm ecstatic about this because I know in a couple of months these exercises that I will be adding to my system will help me build muscle. I'm also going to be heading out to buy a new bathing suit this weekend. Ready to get back into the water and work out. I have to be careful at how hard I work out, but it is a learning process. I loved how that felt this week and I love the water so bathing suits prepare for a smaller Lissa!

Monday I start school. Yesterday I spent some time printing things off, getting organized, putting up my calendar, and preparing to go back to doctoral school! I'm really excited about the program, how it is laid out, and what I'm going to learn. It feels like so many things are falling into place and it is a good thing. I feel really pumped about it. I'm going to be a doctor....and this is the beginning of the path of journey through the tunnel. The light = my diploma!

Life really has been on an up swing. My health is good and I'm committed to doing good things. I know that my body is in a manic time trying to figure out what way is up and what way is down! My mental health is good. I'm handling stress well. I know can tell how stress is being dealt with on my body and one thing that is helping is exercising. I'm taking my meds right and I'm not getting sick at my tummy. I'm working my sleep schedule and I have not been as depressed seasonly post bypass. I've started getting out and meeting people. I'm excited to have joined a local meetup group and met some great women. I'm glad I forced myself to do it because now I have stuff to do and a little bit of a growing life! I've also gotten my confidence back to go out and do things on my own. This weekend I'm going to see a band I've been dying to see and they will actually be in Nashville!!!! The upcoming weeks are full of good things and I'm looking forward to them. There is but two more things on my list that I need to work into my schedule. I'm looking forward to incorporate these things into my life. Time to fill me up spiritually and fix those steps that I've felt were broken for so long. This journey is about me and I need to make stops along the way to repair damage in the past so I can move on. Moving on and moving through it. Time for some follow up clean up.

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