Thursday, February 24, 2011

nutritional update :-)

I got to talk to Jessica this morning and man did she make me feel better! First she told me not to panic and that I'm doing great on the plan - that made me feel good. She went over what I was eating and we came up with a few things. First, I'm probably not realizing that I can eat the amount I need to because food squishes down when you eat it. Therefore a 1/4 cup of veggies won't be a 1/4 of a cup when they are in my tummy. Secondly, I am exercising and moving and grooving and that is helping me do better, but is going to make more hungry so that is good to know that i'm working calories off and needing to eat a little more. To combat the hunger and make me not want to graze and eat everything in sight the plan is this: first, increase my veggies at meals. they are "free calories" and will help me fill up. second, i'm allowed to use veggies to snack on throughout the night. finally, i'm totally ok to add fruit to my meals and use them mixed with a protein at night if i'm hungry, but before i start adding snacks i'm going to increase water intake.

Jessica explained to me that my brain is not caught up to my body. I'm still retraining it and the brain is not distinguishing between hunger and thirst. So first more veggies second more liquids, and then protein and fruit snacks. I feel alot better now that I've got some answers and don't feel like i'm hurting my pouch or my success.

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