Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Week and Prepping

This week will be my 2nd full week back to work and my 1 month sugervisary date! I learned a lot last week with balancing work, food, eating, and vitamins. Tonight will be a good amount of prep to get ready for the week. It really helps to have things pre-made and prepped to eat (especially if i get busy and i end up eating in my office).

I have really decided that I don't like eating in my office an need my half hour eating time, but I am also realistic that sometimes that doesn't happen either. Depends on the day. I'm looking forward this week to eating some homemade tuna fish, yummy pudding, and some new chicken dishes. I have a hankering for pot roast, so that is definitely on the grocery list. This week I really stuck to the diet and it helped me loose almost 5 lbs. I'm super dedicated to the portions and I'm looking to spread my wings and cook this week to expand my taste bud selections. Tonight I fried a piece of tilapia and had some veggies on the side flavored with seasoning. Now that my stomach is a little further along I'm eating more flavors and enjoying that change in the diet. Flavorings make the same ole protein something new to the tongue!

Though I could eat the same group of foods all the time I am trying my best not to. I don't want to get sick of a food. I have been reading on some of my support groups that people have been eating eggs for 10 sir not me. Don't get me wrong I like them, but I want more than just that. I have found it takes a little research on my part, but there is a lot of good protein out there and I just have to find it. One of the things that I've been looking into is beans. I want to try to make some lentil or bean soups and I'm hoping to learn to make split bean with ham as well. This would just be another menu item for me and I can freeze it as well. Whatever makes my day easier.

My recipes will take an overhaul this month. I've been finding new ones and adding them into my on line cookbook on sparkpeople. I really want to try to cook one new one a week. That is about as much as I can handle since when I cook I end up eating it for 3 days. It is the same way when I eat out. I purchase a meal and eat on it for days on end. Thank goodness I like left overs.

Ok I'm off to make things for the week.

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