Monday, February 7, 2011

Inches Lost

I have not measured myself yet, I am waiting to get to the personal trainer for that, but I am starting to see a lot of changes in my body recently. My stomach is starting to loose inches. I can definitely tell that it is well in all honesty there isn't a huge hump at the top and a hump at the bottom (below my belly button). The ridges are smoothing out and the humps are getting smaller. I notice my arms are flabbier and are so tight with fat and I've noticed that I'm also starting to loose some inches in the thigh area. As I'm fitting into clothes I can tell the difference in their fit around my waist, butt, and legs. I can tell how my shirts hang differently now and my belly looks and feels different. Overall there is visible progress that I'm now seeing. I am overwhelmed that I am not 260 and am able to say I'm almost 250! It is such a huge blessing.

This week is 4 weeks post op. My 1 month check up is Thursday. I'm both excited and nervous. I have some questions to ask about my diet. I'm still getting hungry in the afternoons. I hate that I am hungry, but I am also working out and moving moving moving. I try not to stay to sedentary at work these days if at all possible, but I wonder why I am hungry. Maybe I need to add something to my diet I dunno.

Some of the questions I have for my nutritionist are:
1. why am i getting hungry in the afternoon if I'm eating my protein?
2. when can i start adding some new veggies and fruits into my diet a bit?

I am also curious about what type of exercise my particular doctor wants me to be doing. Right now I'm focusing on cardio and am waiting for clearance to do my training. I'm also hoping to get aquatic cleared this week. I really want to be able to get into the pool and work out, do some resistance training, and pool jog. I like to have the opportunity to do new things with working out so I don't get bored. Tonight I walked for 25 minutes keeping my heart rate up. I got sick to my tummy or I would of kept going to hit my 45 min mark, but I know to stop when it hurts! My husband went with me tonight. Ironically I walked way faster than him! This never happens so it made my heart smile. He has to get back to exercising, so hopefully he'll be going with me more to the Rec. It is good for us both and its time for us to look how we feel!

Tomorrow as a change in working out some of my staff and I are headed to the Rec to do Zumba. I've never done it so this is something new for me. I thought I would try it out and see if I like it. Don't think it would be something I would do all the time, but adding a little spice to working out never hurt anyone. I'm also loving my wii fit still. Best thing ever for cold nights when I don't want to go to the rec :-)

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