Monday, February 21, 2011

Laying Out my Week Plan

The next few weeks are going to be hectic, so I'm laying out the plan on Mondays. Here is my plan for this week:

Overall Goals:
1. food track everyday
2. take all supplements everyday
3. work out 4 times this week

Today's Goal is to get to the rec center and get in the pool. It is aquatic work out day. I'm ready to do some water jogging and arm work outs. Fix ipod to work out to.

Usually I spend sundays cooking for me throughout the week, but my husband helped me out a lot yesterday and made snacks and mini meals for me to eat this week. They are pre-portioned and ready to go. I'm changing up some foods this week as well to give my taste buds a change. This morning I took my yogurt and made a smoothie. 1/2 cup of lit and fit blueberry yogurt, 1/2 cup of 1% milk, 1 sweet 'n low, 1 tsp of sugar free vanilla coffee flavoring, and 20 frozen blueberries. Yum! It was nice to get something different in for breakfast.

This week is supposed to be gorgeous so hopefully I will be able to walk on the outdoor track as well this week for one of my work outs. Tonight - I will be fixing my ipod because I can't work out by myself without music. It is just plain ole boring!

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  1. Wish I lived closer, we could work out together, I need to be more active too! =)