Sunday, February 20, 2011

Donating Clothes

I've never been one to hoard, but as I was cleaning out my closet today I felt as if I didn't want to give away my heavy clothes...just in case. I had to stop and think I'm not going back to the 3X or the 24W so I have to get rid of them and then I looked at my brand new jeans that are my first non-lane bryant jeans and smiled. Away with the old clothes. I have a whole box to donate to the clothing drive next week at MTSU.

As I have started to loose more weight, I've been able to get into clothes I haven't worn in years! First, I attempted my sorority jacket from 2003. Haven't worn it since 2004 and it fits! Next I put on an old TCU shirt that I haven't been able to comfortably wear in 3 years and WOW it fit. I got adventurous the other day and dug into my old t-shirts from colleges and put on one that my Sheldon girls made me and it was a 2XL. IT FIT!!!!! I am amazed at how I'm putting myself into smaller clothes. It feels soooo good to be realizing that they fit instead of oh too tight. Tonight as I was going through clothes to donate I found some great capris that I had bought and were too too tight two seasons ago - they are going to get me through this nice spring weather for the next few weeks followed by a couple pair of shorts that I uncovered from '05. I've never been able to shop in my closet before! It is so nice.

I know that soon I will have to go through my most precious possessions of pj pants and jammies. My pants are super de dooper comfy, but they are getting way too big. Soon they will be off to donation. Sweaters and things from this season won't be around next fall, so I've put them in the box as well. I can't believe at 5 weeks out that I'm getting rid of clothes, but it is part of the process...the great process that surgery is working and that I am on to the next phase and next weight goal. I'm going to weigh in at personal training on Wed and i'm hoping I hit the 250 lb mark. Then its on to 225!

I was thinking about a way to celebrate my lb losing marks. I think I am going to start a charm bracelet. Something that I can wear and keep forever. Something that will remind me of my story and my journey. I want to be able to look down and remember where I was, where I am and where I will be going. Now I just have to look into charms! :-) Squee, I'm excited.

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  1. Love this post!! I am so happy and proud for you. I think the charm bracelet idea is wonderful. When you get it started let me know so I can get you some charms too.....Keep smiling and you'll be borrowing clothes from my closet soon! (smirk)