Friday, February 18, 2011

1 Month Check Up

I had my one month check up yesterday at Vanderbilt. I weighed in at 251.5 lbs (1.5 lbs away from my goal weight for 2/18/11!!!!) I was very proud of myself. My stiches are really healed well and the cocoa butter is doing its thing. Dr. Clement was happy with the way they looked. No hernias around the stitches were found. He was very happy with my progress and overall told me to keep doing what I'm doing because I'm right on track. He signed off on aquatic work outs and on my bariatric personal training. He was not too concerned with my liver enzymes as he showed me the liver biopsy from surgery and wants to wait and see what the blood work tells us. He reassured me the normalness of it especially with how much fat my liver held. He was happy with my diabetes status and loved my anxiet medicines going away. He suggested fish oil pills and I've already started them. He wants me to keep at it and left smiling.

Meeting with my nutritionist went really really well. Both she and Dr. Clements was estatic that I am making my protein without liquid calories! I got two gold stars for that. Jessica went over my nutrition and was really happy with it. She gave me some pointers for getting hungry in the afternoon and since I'm working out so much I'm allowed to add a small protein snack and fruit in the afternoons prior to working out and I can add in small amounts of whole grain or wheat pastas, rice, and quinoa. These are a tertiary addition because before I eat them its protein first, veggies, then carbs, but it is a nice addition to the diet of a little here and there. That should help with my body wanting the sugars and carbs it is now cleansed of and I'm looking forward to trying out the new plan. It will be my own eating adventure round 3!

Dr. Clements was concerned with how my Mirena was reacting. Yesterday I had my Mirena in for 4 weeks and of those 4 weeks I had extremely heavy clotting bleeding for 33 of those days. Dr. Clements doesn't want birth control to hurt the surgery and at this point I'm in the crucial stage to loosing weight the easiest so he talked to my obgy yesterday. Dr. Williams was awesome. He sat down and talked lots of things over and they both agree the new hormones can be elevating my liver ensymes as well so we are eliminating those elements because hormones are processed through the liver. Bye bye Mirena as of yesterday afternoon. Once the Mirena was out of my body the heavy bleeding stopped and now I have to just transition back to no birth control until the liver is back to being normal. We are in a wait and see. Both docs don't want to see me ruin the weight loss and getting healthy. So down the road we will try a new birth control such as the nuva ring or the patch. Something easily absorbable. Goal - not to get pregnant right now...or for the next 16 months while my body is healing and changing....both docs put my mind at ease as well as my sweet husband. He is so good to me. I know a 3 week period from hell couldn't have been fun to deal with at all.


  1. My only suggestion: no nuva ring. they can easily fall out. which is what happened to me. I didn't get pregnant thank god... but it was a close call.

  2. I had a reaction with my nuva ring.. not a big fan!! Sounds like your doing great!!! How do you drink your proteins??

  3. i actually don't drink protein shakes. i used them only the first week post surgery. i'm not on soft foods and have been on pureed since 3 days post hospital stay per my surgeon. he does not like liquid calories, so i am eating all of my protein. if i do want a "smoothie" i'm doing yogurt and milk with fruit to have protein in liquid form pre or post work out only.