Thursday, January 13, 2011

Walking like a Super Model

Last night was an evening I spent in some great pain. I was sore all over from walking yesterday. On one hand it felt really good on the other hand there were some points last night that I wanted to cry, but I knew walking would help me feel better overall. As I'm learning this new balance I realized that I drank a lot of liquids yesterday, but not nearly enough. So today's goal is drink, drink, and drink then walk tonight for a good bit. One of my WLS buddies told me the more you drink the less pain you will be in. I know its a process of learning my new body and getting things down so I'm not beating myself up over it, just making a point to do what I need to do to heal.

Yesterday I tried to limit the pain meds as much as I could because honestly being doped up isn't fun, but when I came home I took some and I took them throughout the night to sleep and relieve the pain. Thank goodness for Carolyn and her corn pack that she helped make me when I was in Omaha because it was my life saver last night. She has had major abdominal surgery multiple times and she told me to try it out cold or hot and see what worked for me. Just warm my corn pack up and place it on me and I can sleep soundly without a lot of pain. Plus when I don't want to be knocked out by meds I can use them as well.

Something new that I've found is that my short acting medicine is working really well. I have to crush all of my pills and i'm finding when I crush those things in the morning, that I don't need my noon meds. I feel like they are lasting longer. I need to see what my doc thinks about that but I've been only taking what I need as I'm only on liquids right now. At first crushed pills sounded completely gross, but now that I hide them in chocolate pudding (thanks to another WLS buddy for that) I'm doing okay with them. I am also loving that meds come in liquid form. I am in love with my adult liquid tylenol. It works so much faster than waiting on pills. I never thought I would ever say that, but here I am admitting bubble gum flavored tylenol rocks!

My friends have been so amazing through this and have been giving me so much encouragement. I am so thankful for that, because this is all new to them. Most of them don't know someone who has had WLS so I'm teaching and being cheered on at the same time. It makes this process feel so much easier. One big shout out is to my Carolyn. I just have to say that Carolyn is amazing...I wish she was closer. Though we have had two completely different surgeries, there is a lot we have bonded with over the last 3 years and now this surgery has brought us to a level that only she gets me and I understand her more than I ever thought I would. We have similar eating habits and diets now. We both have tummy scars, but I think her scars are way cooler. We both love corn packs (if you want to know in more detail of the corn pack let me know) and last but not least....she is one of the most special people i know. I'm glad to have been blessed with her in my life.

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