Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 3 of my New Life

Today, I got up out of bed and felt pretty good. I am terribly sore, but nothing like the pain in the hospital. I'm a little bruised and worn for the wear, but I feel good overall. There are a ton of new adventures in getting used to the new life. Right now there are short term stressers like not being able to shower all on my own or bend over to pick something off the floor, but in time as I heal this will get easier. Long term wise I'm learning how to really eat small sips and bites of food. I thought it would be harder than it is, but overall it isn't. I make sure my eyes are smaller than my tummy and i spend a lot of time when I'm eating listening to it in a way to feel that fullness. Sometimes I can take in around 6 to 7 oz right now, others 2 bites of jello and i'm done. In between all that food i'm drinking. Got to keep drinking (kinda like Dorie kept swimming)!!! the more i drink the better i will feel and it is true i do!

Justin and I left the house today. We went and bought his books and walked around Sam's Club and Best Buy with a break in there for lunch. It was so nice to get out. I was much slower than usual but he kept right with me. It felt so good to move and not to sit or lay down. Since my body is still full of gas from the procedure I need to get it off of me because it hurts, so walk walk and more walking gets rid of it. I have seen a big difference today. I probably could of kept shopping, but i started to hurt and my tylenol wasn't going to cut it so we came home. I'm going to take my big pain meds for the first time today and see how that goes. [sleep is in my future]

I am starting to realize how different my appetite is over night. I sat and watched Justin consume french fries (which are perhaps one of my favorite foods) and i had NO cravings. I was perfectly happy with little sips of soup. We walked down aisles of food and no urge to say I want or I need or I'm craving. It was more like yep its food and most of it 98% isn't going in my tummy so i'm over it for lack of a better term that i can think of today.

Life is good. I'm holding steady. Can't wait to see what I loose next week at my post-op appointment!

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