Friday, January 14, 2011

Horray Puree

Today I made the switch from clear and full liquids to a mix of full liquids to pureed food. This is so exciting because I will be able to add more protein to my diet and have a larger variety of foods in my arsenal. Since I am taking it slow on the transition, I am still mostly on liquids and will be keeping up my jello, my broth intake, and my liquid drinking, but its nice to know for a meal that I have a few more options. This morning I had cream of wheat with extra milk. It was yummy. I was able to eat about 1/3 of a cup over 20 min and I've noticed that luke warm food is working the best in my tummy. I can't have anything too cold or too hot because my new intestine does not like it. I thought it would be weird, but it isn't. They told me lots of my tastes would change and so it begins.

Today's meals I am looking at strawberry jello for a snack (made in my very own ice cube tray), split pea soup for lunch, chicken broth for a snack, and maybe a smoothie for dinner. I made a delicious smoothie last night (and have left overs!) I took 3 tsp of light and fit yogurt, about 10 or 12 blueberries that Laurie gave me, and added a cup of milk and blended. Divine! It was smooth and just sweet enough and thin enough to go down. I like it.

Yesterday while reading one of my support group sites I found that I can have cool whip. See I am an avid ice cream eater. Oh how I love my ice cream. I thought I was destine to never have another scoop again, but when I found out I can have cool whip a blast from the past when I did weight watchers came back to me. I can freeze my cool whip. When you freeze your cool whip the consistency is different and voile! I have an "ice cream" just had some sugar free hershey's syrup and there you go. I'm not ready to eat like that yet, but I am definitely going to integrate cool whip into the sugar free jello time.

Yesterday I was very sore. On my left side I feel like i've really pulled a muscle and it is on the side that the actual surgery took place. It isn't a stabbing pain, but when I get up or sit down I feel it. I've been relying on my warm corn pack and relaxing. Today my goal is to get up and out of the house for some walking, and see if that helps stretch it out. I also am trying to get the last bit of gas out of my system from the surgery and that could be heightening the pressure as well. Right now I'm not worried at all because when I talk to other's about it they felt the same post surgery. This is something that is normal and it isn't something that is on my "i have to talk to the doc about immediately list".

Yesterday I had my first bought with " i miss eating for the sake of eating " moment aka...bored eating. I was looking around the house and I was home alone, can't do much right now, and realized I had all of this food in the house and 98 % of it I can't eat right now, but I wanted to sit there and be bored and put chips in my mouth. I didn't think that would come so soon, but alas I recognized it. I ignored it and I took my plan into action. When i feel like I need to bored eat I am going to go and work on a project. The big project I am working on is my formal wedding. Justin was very conscious about listening to me when I told him I started this because he wanted me to use the plan we set up. So yesterday I spent the afternoon looking up cake topper makers. I found someone who I loved their work, sent them an email with pictures, and now can follow up that I have a cake topper for my wedding! It is still in a stage of getting it together, but I feel good about the cake topper. I also updated my knot page and got the website up and running with things updated. Check it out at
I think the best way to view it is to copy it into your browser!

Last night was also a long night for sleeping. I felt a lot of soreness and had to take my full pain meds, but I decided that I would rather take them then feel in pain. I just hate feeling all hazzy and drugged. I made it through and woke up feeling a little better. No train has gotten to me yet today.

This weekend will be the viewing and memorial service for my uncle Bud. He died Wed. evening. I will be making my way to Hendersonville to pay my respects and see my family. The one thing I adored about my uncle is sitting and talking with him and listening to his stories of when he got saved "by those good boys from Travecca Univ." and when they came to his town "he couldn't get away." I also loved to watch him draw. He was such a great artist. It will be a challenge for me and I'm mentally preparing for it as I have to be strong, be smart, and don't want to have to explain 3000 times why i'm being picky or not eating like a I used to since only a small portion of the family knows I had gastric bypass. After their initial reaction of "we kinda don't support" I told only who i wanted to and who would be in my back corner. My thoughts are hazzy today....

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