Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Surgery is Complete

I went in on Monday to have my surgery. Besides the set back of the snow which slowed us down getting to Vanderbilt we made it! There was no way Justin and I were not going to go up there and have this surgery. I got checked in, paid my co-pay and awaited for the IV. I got an IV therapist and she only stuck me twice, both did not hurt, and neither of them blew out. That, after my last surgery there, made me feel better about Vanderbilt after all. Dr. Clement's resident came in and marked my belly, Dr. Clement came in and asked if I had any questions - just one about pain post surgery, and they shave my tummy to prep for surgery.

I was off into surgery in no time and I had a great staff of nurses and docs working on me. The surgery was around 1 hours and 45 minutes. Dr. Clements made sure that Justin knew everything was fine and that I would be in recovery. I am so sensitive to sleep medications that it takes me forever to wake up from anesthesia. In my same old fashion 4 hours later I could go to the hospital room. While in recovery the pain was the worse. It is one of those times where I don't remember anything, but at the same time there are very blurry things that come to mind. One of them was asking for my husband and the other was requesting pain medication.

Once the hospital room was ready I was transferred from recovery to the 9th floor. I had some great ladies taking care of me. They really tried to make me comfortable as they could considering I had been blown up full of air, and had 6 incisions on my belly, along with needing to use the restroom and my body wouldn't let me with the morphine. I slept on and off throughout Monday night and I ended up needing a catheter and drain 850 ccs of urine. Then my belly felt better and the pain subsided. Walking around the floor helped a ton. I walked at least 7 time that first night. I was slow and intentional in my steps. Thank goodness Justin was there to walk like a turtle with me. When ever I would get really sore I would get up and walk. I can feel the gas come off my body and I was starting to burp a lot.

I was so thirsty after surgery. I wanted water or gum or something, but I couldn't drink until this morning. They provided a stick that was in a minty water with a sponge on the end to keep your mouth less dried out and it did help in the short run. I can't say that was my most favorite part either, but since I needed to let my new stomach heal a little I totally did the game plan.

This morning I was woken up very early with Residents, medical students, and even nursing students on rounds. I had my vitals checked and nurse change. I finally found out that I would be getting liquids for breakfast and I was excited. My first food intake was 1 1/2 oz. 1 oz of water and 1/2 house of lime jello. Then I got sick to my stomach and dizzy. Dr. Clement was called and just in case he wanted me to have a swallow study. I had to drink this stuff that tasted like flat ice cream float / milkshake in vanilla and then I got to watch it move down from my throat in the new pouch. I got to see how cute and little my pouch was, what my old stomach looked like, and to see how my new intestine looked. I thought it looked like an upside down seahorse and made the specialty doc laugh. I so wanted a picture of it...I'm going to see if I could get a picture from my thoroscopy!

We found through the test that my intestine where it met the new pouch was swollen and the hole was smaller than usual from swelling. This just meant I need to keep on liquids to full liquids for 3 to 4 days to allow the swelling to go down. No big deal. Dr. Clement rocks for fixing it all. For lunch I had 8 oz of water, 2 oz of chicken broth, and 1 oz of orange jello. I started to feel better once I had water and liquids in me. I pretty much sipped and ate through the afternoon until they released me.

For the next 4 weeks I will be using insulin as a transition to no diabetic medication. My sugar was sky high in the hospital from anesthesia and other medications during surgery. It started at 328 on monday and was 151 by the time I left today. I only have to take insulin if my sugar is 150 or higher and its a very little does, but since I control with diet this might not even be an issue, but I did learn to give myself a shot and I was happy about that overall.

I sipped water all the way home as I held my pillow to take the bumps in the road. When I got home I drank some sugar free tea and had 3tbsp of yogurt watered down with milk for dinner. Lots of protein! I will continue to drink a lot through out the night and keep myself hydrated.

The pain isn't too bad. I have one large incision that hurts the worst and where the camera went into my tummy. Also my tummy area from belly button around back to my bell button is so sore. The tops of my thighs feel like all I've done is squats too, but that is because I need to use my legs more I guess. Hubs has been helping me up and down when sitting as I'm still sore and I'm happy to be home without morphine and regular pain meds and tylenol. Morphine kept me so drowsy. ugh..no fun!

Now I start my new schedule of how I take my meds, what I drink, and need to get to know my new tummy. I feel like a mom getting to know her new baby.

I have to say that something that made my total day was coming home to a decorated door from my kiddos welcoming me to my new life! It was really really cool. Made me smile. Here i go into my new life I am here!

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