Sunday, January 9, 2011

Night Before Surgery

Tonight is the last night I will go to bed an morbidly obese, diabetic woman with no hope. Tomorrow will be the last time I step on the scale and take a final large weigh in. I will go to bed tonight a diabetic and awake from surgery tomorrow a non-diabetic. Tomorrow I start a new life.

Surgery is a little over 16 hours away. I am so excited!!!! I feel like its Christmas Eve and I am approaching midnight and can't wait to see if Santa comes through the door. I am thankful and ready to go to Vanderbilt tomorrow and change my life. I am ready for feeling better, being healthy, and knowing that I have a tool that will help me handle my weight. I know that tomorrow this tool will be part of me and I will no longer be trapped inside a 283 lb cage. I will be a bird set free and ready to soar.

I am excited and yet I realize this is a major life decision. I haven't been more sure and calm about a decision this large since I married my husband. I am ready for this and I have been waiting so long to make it to this moment on this day. I am still nervous about the IV situation, but I am going to take it how it comes. Justin will be there and he will hold my hand and walk the road with me. Where I will go....I'll answer that question tomorrow!

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