Wednesday, January 12, 2011

1st night at home

Last night I was chatting with some ladies that I met online and have become a great support group. I found out that I am now part of the "losers club" and no longer a WLS in waiting! YAY! It is the little things that make me happy.

1st night home and sleep was not bad at all. Hubs was worried he would roll to much so he slept on the couch and I slept in the bed all propped with pillows. To under my lower back and sides, 3 behind my head and for my shoulders. I don't usually sleep on my back, but it seems like that is where I am going to be until I heal really well. I did manage to half sleep on my right side and that made me feel good. I took my pain meds before bed and didn't wake up till early in the morning to take them again. That made me feel good. Overall, not a bad night.

this morning I woke up sore, but more of a work out sore than i just got ran over by a bus sore. the oddest thing is my belly is tender but my upper arms and legs are too. i guess i must be using them more to compensate for my slow up and down and controlling the gravity on my tummy. so i took my liquid tylenol and started sipping my way to as much liquid as i can into myself mode! liquid tylenol isn't too bad. i almost wish more of my meds came in chewables or shots because crushing them is icky. the only way i can take crushed up meds is in sugar free pudding. then i don't taste it at all.

today so far as been a success. on today's agenda is to take a shower. i finally get to after a few days post-op. i'm so glad because i'm covered in iodine and look like a pumpkin lol and I'm hoping it comes off pretty easily not like anyone is asking to see my new incisions, but i don't want myself to be pumpkin colored and feel like a real pumpkin since i'm still swollen.

I don't know if I mentioned this the other day but I started out at surgery as 278 ls. when i began the WLS process i was 294 lbs and did not want to be 300. I gained some over the last 6 months and lost and gained, but i've been loosing steadily. I was 283 lbs on Dec 30th at my pre-op and now I'm 278 lbs! I am excited to see what I weigh in as next week with my check up :-)

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