Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Post Op Appointment

I've been honest with myself this whole process. I was dead scared walking into post op this morning and not loosing any weight. I was nervous the whole ride there and sitting and waiting for the here is the news. I lost 16.5 lbs!!!!!!!!!!!! How amazing is that! It blew me away and I left the weighing room beaming from ear to ear. I have lost the is starting to come off it is not a figment on my imagination. It is real. I am now 266.5 lbs.

Overall the report from the Dr. Clements was one of the best that I have had since I started this journey almost 9 months ago. He told me and Justin that "there isn't much more I can do to make you we wait and see how far you go with it!" Hooray! My diabetes is not even noticeable. I have not had any insulin or metaformin. My blood pressure is great (except when I am anxious). I've cut my anxiety meds in half overall. I am sleeping, I am calm, and I'm doing well on the health end. My incisions are healing well and he is happy with the progress. I have to wait a bit to enter the pool, but other than that I am allowed to "do anything I want unless it hurts!" per Dr. Clements. WOW!!!!

I'm beaming and I'm ready to exercise and see this wait fall off. The plan that I established with my nutritionist this morning is that I'm going to walk on the track 20 to 30 minutes for the rest of the week and see how I do. Next week I am going to move to the treadmill and the bike. From there it will be to start to train for my 5k i'm going to walk and to head out and join the bariatric rehab to learn how to build lean muscle to replace this fat! I've never been excited to exercise and really this is a new leaf for me, but i know it is one of the 5 basics i need to be a healthier me and it will help drop the weight and help residual anxiety as well. Good I go learning to use the gym!

I've been moved to soft foods as of today. Dr. Clements wants me to start to concentrate on eating more foods than purees but to integrate them as I see fit. If it is too much for me then I am to fall back on the last food stage and go from there. I really like that he allows me to listen to my stomach and how i'm feeling and do what I am able. I am admitting that i am scared to start soft foods totally but there is a stage of me getting used to them. I definitely do not eat as much when I am eating soft foods. They fill me up way faster! Today I had tuna fish for lunch at Jimmy Johns and end up eating maybe 8 or 9 small bites of just the tuna fish in addition to the three small tomatoes that I had. That was a good size meal at noonish and its 6pm now and I just ate 1/4 cup of refried bean mix and a new mint chocolate sugar free jello mouse. YUM!

I am interested to see how this will impact our food budget. I worked it out today and for what I am buying for February with my needs and vitamins it will be between 40 and 50 dollars for the whole month! Can you believe that! February and March will be a good test for how this will eventually shake out in our overall budget and hubs and I are learning to cook more and more.

The next step besides soft foods will the new addition of a new form of birth control. It is crucial for post WLS patients to not get pregnant for the next 18 months, so we've opted for Mirena. That appointment is on Friday. It is something that I am not necessarily looking forward to, but I don't want to mess up what I've been working towards. It is an incredible savings at $1.06 a month for the next five years! The insurance covered all but the co-pay for the drug which was 80 bucks total and the cost of the co-pay for appt is 25. The last step in the gastric bypass medical procedures ends on the 21st and then I get to go back to work!

See you all tomorrow with pics of 266.5!

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