Monday, January 3, 2011

1 week from today....

As of this time a week from now, I will be coming out of surgery and will be entering recovery! What an amazing thing to look forward to. I'm so excited I can feel myself glowing all over. Today I started taking my chewable vitamins to get used to it prior to surgery as well as started to introduced okayed "pureed" food into my diet that I do like. I had cream of wheat with light butter and sweet and low. It was not too bad at all. I also made my first small batch of milk from carnation dry milk. I am going to have oatmeal for lunch today and I like milk in my oatmeal, so I thought I would give the dry milk a try. It is one of the ways that I can increase protein in meals and puddings etc by adding the dry milk. I just think that if you are going to add milk it should make sense to the recipe. Maybe in the long run I will get unflavored protein powder, but we'll have to see. Starting out we are just concentrating on eating not worried about the 70 grams of protein daily right now. Its intake and drink drink drink. Speaking of which I left my drink upstairs this morning ugh. Guess I'll have to warm it up later.

I had to have all of my meds transitioned to non XR and called today for that change. I'm glad I didn't get any filled this weekend because I only want to pay for what I will be taking. It is a new change and it is one that will make me take more pills more times a day, but will also keep my meds in line and not throw me off. I do have to obtain a pill crusher which is something no my shopping list for tonight. I think it will be easier than a mortar and pestal becaue I am worried of the cross contamination of the two sets of pills : one that keeps me up and ones that keep me asleep. Though I have not figured out how to be able to keep the powder separated and do this ahead of time so I might be crushing 3 Xs a day. That is something that will get worked out in time I'm sure of. There is alot of stuff that you can prepare only through thinking it through and won't be able to see if it works until post surgery. The Bettis family will be flying by the seat of their pants for a bit as we learn the ins and the outs of the new lifestyle.

One good thing about surgery time off is that 1) i will get to see my Dad which I am estatic about. haven't seen him in a bit, but am talking to alot more. i really want my Daddy here with me around surgery time. 2) i got a new RD at work who is so awesome. i couldn't of asked for a better one and just in time for me to go away as well. this makes me taking some time off much much easier overall and less worry.

2011 is looking up so far and there are high hopes on the way. I'm thinking positive, looking towards the future, and will take things as they come. Mind, body, and spirit all needs to be healthy as I enter this new phase in my life.

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