Monday, January 31, 2011

My Body has New Needs

I knew post op that my body would need new things, but the types of new things my body is requiring is coming on quickly. First there are vitamins. I feel as if the goal of removing medicines has come to some fruition, but they keep adding vitamins!!! It is amazing to know what I put into my body all day in relation to vitamins. One of the things that I mentioned yesterday was adaptation. This has been especially important in regards to vitamins. Thankfully with technology I have options. I am glad they make chewables and that thus said chewables are yummy. I am also to be blessed to have the new form of liquid vitamins that I am trying out. I found out the hard way that I can't stomach some pills that are cut up. In all honesty B12 pills smell and that isn't going to be crushed and touch my tongue. Tried it. Didn't happen. Which brings me to my liquid. I am going to see how that goes this week as we attempt to get my B12 levels up as well as get me more energy.

Here is the list of Vitamins I'm on:
1.Multivitamin - chewable - Flinstone Multi-Care - 2 per day at night
2.Calcium Citrate+ D - chewable - Caltrate - 3 per day with meals and not within 2 hours of Multivitamin
3. B12 - 1000 mcg daily - liquid - 25 drops
5. D3 - 10,000 mgg daily - chewable peppermint flavored - 5 days a week

There is a talk about putting me on fish oil, but as of right now there is no way for me to take that pill and squiriting fish oil pill liquid on my tongue just doesn't work for me. That has been tabled until my next eye appointment (as it is known to help lower pressure in your eyes). They would also like me to take flax seed, but I'm going to look into getting that into my diet without a vitamin if at all possible.

There are two vitamins I am in desperate need of and that is D and B12. B12 should kick up once this is in my system daily and i'll be taking shots once a month throughout my life now. hopefully with the daily dose I'll hit an acceptable B12 range in the next month or so. Vitamin D for me is ridiculously low. As it is not summer yet, it has been hard to get 30 min of exposure daily, so as the doc suggested I am heading to the tanning bed! Yep, tanning bed. I'll be in the UVB bed 3 times a week for 5 to 10 min. Hopefully this will help the D go up as well.

The thing about Vitamin D and B12 is that these supplements help you loose weight. I had never heard of thi sbefore starting this journey! I never had a doctor tell me that my deficienies at the levels mine are dangerous and could of been preventing weight loss and my metabulism working! Grrr....I am all for modern medicine trust me I am blessed with it, but denying any type of vitamin prescriptions and having doctors knowledgeable about them, well that is crazy. Docs need to know what makes us tick and I'm very glad Dr. Clements knows these things.

I'm also realizing that my body needs exercise. It is calling for it. I think finally since I am feeding my body right, it needs to release energy, stress, and make my heart pump. I feel good when I exercise and my body is craving it. I'm back at the fighting of the bulge today and I will either be walking or doing my wii fit tonight. I've decided to invest in the Biggest Loser Wii game to give me some different work outs and because it has a strength training component. I am also signing up for the MTMC bariatric weight loss post op care - aka I'm getting a personalized trainer that works with bariatric patients, helps meausure and motivate, and will teach me what I need for my body to strengthen. Dustin [who is very cute ] called and is getting my records ready to go so I can look and feel great! Sweet!!!

I am amazed at what I am seeing in my body just 3 weeks out. My arms that used to be tight with fat are starting to flab. I'm loosing inches and weight in different areas. Now it is time to arm myself with exercise knowledge. I'm doing what I do best...get educated. So this is a total learning experience. Plus cute boy Dustin will totally get me motivated to strength train! out gear. I need new tennis shoes. Old ones are out - blisters and no arch support. I am also going to get some work out clothes in March. The goal is to not be able to fit into anything in my apartment before I start buying stuff, so let's loose some weight.

I am currently at 261.2 lbs and my new weight loss short term goal is to be 250 lbs by Valentines day. If not by Valentines day then the friday of that week. I think this is totally doable. Goal let's get conquered.

Back on track and back in organized focused mode....I want to do this!

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