Sunday, January 16, 2011


I have a strong sense of motivation right now and i want to harness that so that I can use to its potential and I realize the first step in using this motivation not just listening to my body, but having confidence in my decision making. I feel like I am making less than strong decisions with being wishy washy with a such a new life, but I was reminded last night at my uncle's viewing that making firm decisions and knowing that you made the right decision for you makes all the difference. I know that I've done the research and know the tools I am working with to make this new lifestyle happen I just have to go for it!

So in the note of knowing what I am doing I made the switch completely to pureed foods yesterday with keeping to adding protein shakes to my diet. I realized how much better I felt yesterday eating protein and how much more energy I had. I also am coming to the realization that I need to make smart choice with what I have in front of me. Last night we went out to dinner and there wasn't a soup option, but I had to eat. So I had some mashed potatoes with bacon. It wasn't the best most healthy option, but I had to eat and I made it work. At first I was nervous, but I knew I had to make decisions that would help me in the long run and eating on this diet is uber important.

Last night at my uncle's viewing my Dad and I got to talk about how I was feeling. It was so nice to tell him that I am really feeling good. I haven't felt good in forever! So much of my body has been messed up with this or that and over the last week it has been nice to check my sugar and know that yep....again and again its in the perfect range of 80-120. The highest it has been this week was under hospitalization and that is such a relief for me! I feel good and clean. I know that is an odd description but after being diabetic and seeing all what it effects on your body it is amazing to know that I'm working my way from that disease. My eyesight has gotten better and I'm ready to get my new glasses because I am becoming blind after all due to age and not due to my sugar! I feel more energized, and I feel like I'm a little bit more in control. For ages with diabetes it was a game of managing the right amount of food, meds, and sugar intake that sometimes you win and sometime you didn't. I'm glad to be on the winning side.

Today I'm off to walk and get some things out at Target and walk walk walk the rest of the gas from the surgery off. I feel much less swollen today! Also while I am out I need to pick up some things for my smoothie/protein collection. Today's shake: 1/2 packet of vanilla carnation, 2 tbsp lit and fit vanilla yogurt, 1 cup of milk, and 15 blueberries! I'm in the mood for some chocolate and bananas so definitely on the list!

I have also allowed myself to make a big step in a new direction. For the longest I've been trying to make plans for my formal wedding. Since it is my gift from my husband when I get to my goal weight I have finally started to make decisions and feel good about it. I ordered my cake topper today and I'm very excited about it. Talk about motivation....I can't wait to go dress shopping.

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