Friday, January 28, 2011

Celebration Amongst Hospitalization

Well the last 48 hours have been less than pleasant. Definitely not how I wanted to spend my week and this weekend, but regardless of what I wanted here I am dealing with a new body. I ended up spending the afternoon at MTMC with my husband. After another night of having a fever going up and down with barely breaking and no luck of keeping food or liquid down, my surgeon had me head to the hospital. I am so glad that I went because day 3 of not keeping anything down has left me weak, dizzy, and incredibly thirsty. So with Dr. Clement's advice, hubs and I headed to the new hospital.

If I had to go to the emergency room, the new MTMC is pretty nice. I had a great nurse and a great ER doc. I'm very thankful for that because it is not often you get both especially when you are feeling at your worse. The doc ran a cat scan to make sure all of my new stomach was in tip top shape after talking to Dr. Clements. ( on a side note i love that doctors can work together to take care of patient) The contrast CT wasn't fun, but I'm glad we ruled out that anything was wrong. The stomach entry was swollen as was the entry to my intestine, but that was most likely caused from the vomiting. Dr. Clements felt good about the scan and allowed the ER doc to take care of me, but offered to see me if I felt more comfy.

The ER doc ran tests on my blood and urine and gave me plenty of liquids. I was so glad that I did not feel thirsty after 3 days of trying to keep liquid in me. I was given a dose of morphine to take care of the soreness of the tummy and a couple doses of nausea meds - i have to say Zofran is my favorite med at the moment - and after my blood and urine came back I was given a round of antibiotics in my IV.

The ER felt that my symptoms though might have been the flu weren't classic so they did not run the official flu test. I did find out I have a UTI and my body was not like dealing with that. My white blood cells were elevated. So antibiotics for the UTI in and lots of fluids for me. If I did have the flu I'm not contagious anymore, so here I am dealing with an infection. I am really happy they sent me home with nausea meds so I can eat and feel better this weekend. I'm tired of being down and out being sick. I'm really ready to be back on track with working out and weight loss.

One good thing came of today though was pretty funny to me. They asked me my weight and I honestly could say I don't know. I weighed in at 261.2 lbs and that brings weight loss to 33 lbs as of today. That made me smile.

Tonight I've been able to hold down liquid and some food. I'm going to relax and spend the weekend on the couch and internet recouping for Sunday.

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  1. It's good you're Dr. is proactive in making sure you're ok! The contrast CTs are the worst but as long as they are doing what's needed to make sure you're OK you go with it! Feel better and Congrats on the 33 pound loss!!