Sunday, January 23, 2011

First Exercise

Exercise....the demon that I must beat...I must be able to commit to exercise and to be able to feel good about doing it. I know I won't start off in the best of shape, because lets be honest I am in horrible shape. It is so bad that I can't walk steps without breathing heavy, but alas I am going to start somewhere.

That somewhere has led me to tonight. I really worked out for the first full work out I can do post surgery. I have started simple. Just me and my Wii. Tonight I turned on the Wii Fit and completed 15 min of working out. I know 15 min is not a lot to some, but to a morbidly obese person that is a lot of time. I got my heart rate up and got a good sweat going on. I completed 2 rounds of aerobic step, 2 rounds of hula hoop (boy does that work the ab muscles), and 1 short distant jog. I was feeling good until I went into the jog. It took me 8 min to complete the jog, but I did it. It really got my heart rate up and I used my arms a lot to burn more calories. I could feel my lungs struggle and I was huffing and puffing. I made it to the middle and took a 30 sec break, but I kept going.

I feel good about making one of my goals. I worked out and did some work where I can definitely feel it in my abdomen. I am proud that I tried the jog and now I want to make it through the jog without huffing or puffing. Goal: to make it through the jog without stopping and breathing so hard I have to sit down. I can do it.

I know that step by step this is a life makeover and I am committed to the makeover. I know that I have to start somewhere and I am determined to make myself feel better and stay committed. Wii Fit you are my new friend!

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  1. Hula Hoop is a guaranteed work out indeed, that 'game' is no joke! You are inspiring me to dust my wii fit off and be more active!