Sunday, January 2, 2011

Checking Things Off the List

things to get done: (checking things off my list!!!!!)
1. go shopping = Done!
2. clean off food shelf = Done!
3. pack hospital bag
4. organize bedroom and deep clean bathroom prior to surgery = Done!(bathroom done!)
5. get toe nails and nails made all pretty = Done!
6. plan for justin to contact post surgery to notify all that is well = Done!
7. list of numbers in case of emergency to keep in the house for justin post surgery = Done!
8. organize surgery binder in case of questions = Done!
9. cheat sheet with protein foods on fridge
10. copy protein / liquid food log = Done!
11. find all of the measuring cups = Done!
12. buy protein powder = Done!
13. buy vitamins and calcium +D = Done!(prescription in hand have to pick up at Vandy)
14. make a list of questions to ask nutritionist for pre-op = Done!
15. make a list of questions to ask doc = Done!
16. make a weight loss chart = Done!

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