Sunday, January 2, 2011

8 days and a Goal

yes we are on day 8 left to D-day! excitement is building around the Bettis home. hubs and i spent some time talking about what i am going to be like post surgery last night before bed. i like to talk things like that out especially when i encounter someone who might not be pro-surgery or assume that i'm just jumping on the WLS bandwagon because i'm lazy or i have no wheel power. i adore my husband even more because he loves me no matter what size i am! he has never known me under 275 lbs and it has never seem to be a deal breaker for him, but i know that my physical appearance will be changing and i sometimes get discouraged when i hear negativity from others. it is niceto be grounded by him and know that he doesn't see me as 283 lbs of person he sees me as his wife, his best friend, his Lissa.

as the WLS is going to effect both of us, we've been talking about exercising and what we both can do. it is easier to do it with someone than do it all alone especially when motivation and accountability are part of the equation. i came up with the idea that we could walk a 3k or 5k together. i say walk because i've never been able to jog and the exercise i'll really be able to do readily after surgery is walking. i was surprised when he agreed to it! last night we talked about getting us a routine down and making those small steps toward a goal. (he also knows that i'm goal oriented and that if i'm not working towards something.....i lack motivation soo...) we have decided to start training/getting healthy to do a walk (possible walk/run) a race in the fall. we have given ourselves the month of october as a goal point. first, we want to be realistic with getting into shape. second, we don't want to rush me with healing and hurting myself, and third there will be a shift in schedules changing so there needs to be a few weeks post surgery till we get it all down. i'm severely out of shape and want to do this the right way to make a life change.

we found a guide online that starts off with walking 20 minutes a day for a week. then increasing it by 5 minutes daily each week post that for up to 8 weeks. this is walking not on a treadmill, but just walking. the goal is to get your body used to it rather than set a time. over the next few months we should be able to walk at a brisk pace and have a conversation without being winded. to imagine that for me is almost unthinkable, but it is such a nice goal to have in mind. i'm excited for it and it will all begin with little steps.

one of the keys to exercising for WLS patients I was told was small steps equal big strides. for those loosing the amount of weight its not the time or length of the exercise at first it is just moving. so armed with my wii fit, walking at the rec center, and soon my exercise ball and 2 lb hand weights here i will go on a new life a new me.

on a side note the image of walking briskly and holding a conversation makes me giddy. my dad is a recovering heart patient and in all reality healthier today at 69 than when he had me at 40, but can walk a 2 min mile and hold a conversation. one day i want to go walk like that with my dad. it would be a special moment.

i'm starting to think and dream differently about things. let me clarify that me hoping and dreaming about what i'm about to write is not because i'm becoming vain or the reason for my WLS journey, but it is a benefit without a doubt. i walk by stores now and it used to be "can't wear those" or "those are cute and can fit on my arm" and now when i window shop (a favorite activity) hubs will remind me one day honey you can go in a try those close on. its a dream that will be a reality in time. i can't wait to walk into American Eagle and put a pair of jeans on or even go into old navy in the fall and buy work clothes i've been dying to buy with cute pants and cardigans. i look at wedding dresses and it pumps me up to get going on my wedding planning...and then i come back to reality that all in time. Dr. Clement says you didn't put the weight on over night you can't get it off over night, but it is nice to day dream especially when it helps get pills down or your protein shake in your tummy!

this afternoon holds craft time! i'm making my loosing weight chart and my calendar for the kitchen of food schedules. i'm excited to put it up and keep the bettis family on a new track. trust me its just time before hubs looses his "buddah belly" too! i'm really starting to feel positive more and more as the days draw closer. i'm happy really happy and i'm loving my life to the fullest. wow its a new feeling to add to my emotional capacity list!

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