Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Saturday....

Today has been a lazy day to say the least. I woke up after sleeping in which felt good on these old bones that aren't feeling too well. Hubs and I got out in the gorgeous and temporary weather and headed to get my prescriptions filled from yesterday and had lunch. Today has been much easier to keep down food. I'm still nauseous, but between the pepto and the zofran I'm making it. I'm eating real food and my tummy is handling it ok. My tummy has also handled my regular meds well so I'm doing my best to get back into my new routine slowly.

This infection has worn me out. After a small trip for my meds and eating, I'm worn worn out. I needed to sit down and relax so I took on the task of dealing with the insurance company and health saving account. I turned in all our records for the month of January and the receipts are off! Let's hope they take them on the first round. I am a little upset with my insurance company right now as they are being a pain in the but to get certain refills completed. They keep saying that every refill for some meds need a prior authorization. Both my husband and I are beyond frustrated with the words prior authorization. I understand that the company is keeping costs down and they are trying to stop abusing meds, but they are preventing the people that need those meds access to them. For example they would only fill half of my nausea script. I can only be un-nauseous for half the weekend, but they will give me a re-fill. What! That makes no sense. I'm almost ready to start getting my drugs through Canada...I swear it might be easier.

Hubs is taking a sleep med. They want a special prior authorization, but get this they will only give him 15 pills a month. So the other half of the month he isn't supposed to sleep? That makes no sense and those drugs are no longer preferred by Cigna or Caremark. It is not fair that we, the patient, that know our bodies and the docs have to play this game. We are taking him off those sleep meds and asking for something along the lines I take. No control substance and no issue with dispensing 30 per month. UGHHHHHHHH!

Medical care and those that deal with the loop holes and the ins and outs is an insane business. I'm glad that I don't deal in selling or working with insurance on the company side anymore, but on the patient side it is not any easier. You have to keep up full time to get what you need. I've been more than anal retentive in making sure all my surgery claims are handled correctly. I finally saw today that the balance is no longer 40,000 and is no more 1300 but again there are issues, i can't find where they applied my deductible and i want a detailed statement before I pay. It is just good practice to go over and over those forms because if you aren't careful the companies can make you pay for things that you shouldn't be paying.

Ok off my soap box on insurance and off to take a nap. I've hit half my protein intake for today and I've been doing a lot of liquids. I'm extremely thirsty. I hear my ice tea calling along with my pillow and blanket.

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