Saturday, January 1, 2011

9 Days and Counting till D-Day

Happy New Year! It is truly a blessed New Year as I look upon one of the biggest changes in my entire life. 9 days....I am in single digits awaiting the day that I will have a great tool to fight the battle of the bulge and turn my health around. It is so exciting. I am like a little girl at Christmas and I just cannot wait.

Pre-Op went better than expected. First off, I ended up weighing in at 283 lbs. I was blown away because I thought I had gained a ton of weight. Nope! I lost. What a blessing :-) Then I met with the nutritionist and received some great news....I will not have to spend weeks on full liquids. I will be on clear liquids in the hospital and when I return home I will be on pureed foods with a focus on getting protein! I was worried about getting all those smoothies and protein shakes to taste good and now I'll be starting out on more real food with shakes in to get my protein! I was pumped about that.

I met with Dr. Clements and he was really excited for me. He said I looked good for surgery and went over the procedure again. I found out that there is not a leak test in his practice. There will be no drinking icky barium and them watching it in my tummy while doing a test. He does the leak test in the operating room. He gave me some great instructions and explained the risks again, I signed the paperwork and he gave me some even greater news! I only have to be on liquids pre-surgery for the day before!!!!!!! Again I was totally worried about this, but alas I'm doing great.

I did find out that two of my current medications that are XR or extended release needed to be changed over to immediate release so there is a phone call to be made, but Melissa takes good care of me I'm not worried about that. There only thing with my meds is now I will crush them for the rest of my life .... ewwww let me just say ewww, but with absorption issues I understand. So I am not stocked with plenty of apple sauce and pudding. If it is what I have to do to be healthy...lets count down the days until they start knocking off meds! Overall I think it went really well, my 4 1/2 hours of appts got done in around 2.

I was registered as a "hard stick" and issues with IV sticking on my main chart, in my anesthesia chart, and it was put on my Vandy permanent record. Dr. Clements knows and I was assured that I will not have to endure the pain of the last procedure with all those sticks. I was greatly happy with that and so was Justin. In concern with that surgery my anesthesia clearing allowed me to have my Xanax that morning of surgery and we both think it will help a lot in the process. I had to have blood drawn at pre-op and though it hurt like a normal puncture, it went really really well. The tech told me to know that if it is hard to get to have them use two tourniquets and warm up the area. It went right in....Note to self remember the number 2!

things to get done: (checking things off my list!!!!!)
1. go shopping = Done!
2. clean off food shelf = Done!
3. pack hospital bag
4. organize bedroom and deep clean bathroom prior to surgery = Done!(bathroom done!)
5. get toe nails and nails made all pretty = Done!
6. plan for justin to contact post surgery to notify all that is well
7. list of numbers in case of emergency to keep in the house for justin post surgery
8. organize surgery binder in case of questions = Done!
9. cheat sheet with protein foods on fridge
10. copy protein / liquid food log
11. find all of the measuring cups = Done!
12. buy protein powder = Done!
13. buy vitamins and calcium +D = Done!(prescription in hand have to pick up at Vandy)
14. make a list of questions to ask nutritionist for pre-op = Done!
15. make a list of questions to ask doc = Done!
16. make a weight loss chart

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